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The Risk Management function is central to ensuring the success of an organiation and becoming a Risk Manager today means having a key role in the company. Our International Master in Financial Risk Management trains you to have specialized and complementary skills and to face modern-day challenges that you’ll find in your future career.PROFESSIONALS AND COMPANIESYou will be able to meet, through guest lectures, seminars and dedicated workshops, experienced managers from financial risk consulting, banks, insurance companies, financial companies, industrial and service companies and experts from the Fintech and Insurtech sectors.MANDATORY INTERNSHIPThe International Master in Financial Risk Management is designed to give you both a theoretical and a practical basis. In the year that you spend at our School, up to 6 months will be dedicated to the Internship and Project Work.

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Our International Master in Financial Risk Management, offered by POLIMI GSoM in partnership with companies such as Intesa Sanpaolo and Mediobanca, will train you to manage financial risk in the right way.
Our programme, which is divided into 6 months of class activities and a mandatory internship lasting up to 6 months, has extended its study plan with courses aimed at the acquisition of indispensable skills for operating in today’s financial environment, which is crucial for the creation of value business, especially in light of today’s digital transformation.

Start date: October 2024
Format: Full-time
Duration: 12 months
Language: English
Location: POLIMI Graduate School of Management (Milan, Italy)
Admission requirements: 3-year bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Management, Mathematics, Science or Statistics; English proficiency
Company partners: Illimity, Intesa San Paolo, Marsh, MedioBanca, Unipol Gruppo


At the end of the path, the candidates will receive a double diploma: a Master’s degree in Financial Risk Management, issued by POLIMI Graduate School of Management and a 1st Level University Master’s degree awarded by Politecnico di Milano.

Be part of a Master that, in 2023, ranked #67 in the QS World University Rankings in the Master in Finance Ranking.


Graduates of our previous editions are now working in leading companies such as:

Intesa Sanpaolo

Graduates of our previous editions are now working in leading sectors such as:

Banking & Financial Services 45%
Consulting 18%
Education 9%
Energy 9%
Real Estate 9%
Other 10%
In the 2021 edition: 100% of students were offered internships in companies.


The programme will allow you to develop a solid foundation in the financial risk management area, as it will be developed as follows:

You will be able to attend courses that aim to give you the necessary fundamentals for approaching the specialising courses.

The specialising courses will help you to acquire the foundation of eight areas for financial risk management:

Management of Financial Risk Systems for complex organisations
Financial instruments
Architecture and Big Data for Financial Risk Management
Mathematical, statistical and econometric models
Accountability and reporting
Governance systems
Regulatory framework
Compliance and Internal audit

You will have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the programme through a mandatory internship that can last for up to 6 months. During the internship, you will work on the final Project Work, an interdisciplinary project, the objective of which is to focus on issues of relevance in the current financial risk market specifically, and on topics proposed by partner companies. You will present the final report before a committee following completion of the internship and coursework.


The Master will give you the opportunity to acquire and develop leadership and managerial skills through dedicated modules such as: Negotiation, Effective Communication, Leadership.

Furthermore, you will have the chance to attend a seminar on ESGs that will allow you to understand how they are used as criteria to assess the sustainability of companies and investments on an Environmental, Social and Governance level.


Throughout your Master you will be able to access a range of services offered by the Politecnico di Milano Digital Innovation Observatories. Moreover, you will also be able to access a language platform to improve your knowledge of the Italian language.

  • International class
  • International faculty
  • Lessons in foreign language 100%
  • International study tours
  • International traineeship
  • Traineeship at international companies
  • Attendance of the master abroad
  • Issuance of foreign diploma and certifications
Criteria for assessing applications:
  • CV Screening
  • Motivation letter
  • References
  • Language test and/or interview
  • Motivational interview
Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
  • Undergraduate
Contribution to selections: YES
Maximum number of students admitted: 30
Cost of the master: 17000 VAT free
  • Tutoring
  • Laboratories
  • Wifi access
  • Disability services
  • Canteen/Meal tickets
  • Sport activities
  • Cultural activities

  • Job posting
  • Book and/or database of graduates
  • Multimedia resources: links/e-books
  • Assessment tool (strenghts, weaknesses, attitude etc.)
  • CV sending
  • International opportunities
  • Companies presentations
  • Careerday
  • Careerday per area (finance, HR, etc.)
  • Support in CV writing
  • Identifying companies for traineeship
  • Orientation seminars
  • In-company training
  • Job hunting tecniques
  • Interview preparation
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