• Luiss Business School

    Part-Time MBA

    The Luiss Part-Time MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world. The Luiss Part-Time MBA is your platform for new business thinking.

  • Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori

    Master in Traduzione Settoriale e/o in Interpretazione ONLINE

    Get ready in a few months, wherever you live, do an online specialized translation internship, sign up for the professional register of interpreters and translators and get free visibility on the web. Contact the school to find out about the concessions in progress.

  • Universit√† di Padova - Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche ed Aziendali

    Master in International Business for Small and Medium Enterprises - MIBS

    The aim of MIBS is to train new professional figures applying the concepts, contents, languages, and methods of management. The goal is to develop specific skills in the context of firms' internationalization.

  • Belgian Italian Chamber of Commerce

    International Master in European Studies

    This is an International post-graduate Master. It is an intensive, full-time programme. This Master aims to provide the students with deep knowledge of European institutions, policies and fundings.

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  • MBA Design Management part time

    With the increase of social and virtual channels through which to promote company products and brands, a practical knowledge of design, current trends and how they affect corporate practices, is quickly becoming a key component of a good business education.

  • MA Diversity and the Media

    This highly innovative new course is developed in collaboration with the Media Diversity Institute.

  • App Design & Development

    L’obiettivo del corso è quello di formare professionisti in grado di presidiare il product development dalla fase di progettazione a quella di implementazione avvalendosi delle metodologie e degli strumenti specifici del Design e dell’Informatica e lavorando sia in team che individualmente.

  • International MBA Full Time

    LIUC Business School and IÉSEG School of Management offer their students the most effective tools to develop their skills, knowledge and ability to face the professional challenges of the future.