Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to imagine the most frequently asked questions to support you in the use of the portal. If you do not find what you seek, please contact us by email: support [@]

Absolutely. All services on this site are free for users.

At the bottom of every newsletter there is a link "To unsubscribe from this mailing list, click here." The link takes you to your admin panel where you can cancel or suspend the receipt of the newsletter.


In your admin panel (you must login) see link "Close Account".


Click on the link LOGIN (you can find in many parts of the site).


Then enter your email address which you believe to signing up and click on the button "Check".

If the email is placed in our database, you will see the link "Forgot password?". Click on the link and follow the instructions.


Our databases are structured to separately store personal data, email addresses and passwords (encrypted).

If you have registered on our site using a social network (Facebook, Linkedin or Google) your passwords are NOT under our control.

More details about our policy on handling personal data (privacy statement) are available here.

NO, absolutely, does not give anyone the email addresses and personal data of its members.

Of course, when you decide to contact a school through the "contact form", it's you that are providing your information to the school and we can not be responsible for the use they make of it.

If you want more information on a master's degree or are interested to know more about an educational organization, you can use the contact form which you can find at any school master page.
Some schools (but not all) also provide other contact details such as Skype address, phone and website.


On may be published master degrees, mbas, executive master programs, postgraduate and PhD courses of both public and private universities and business schools.

We recommend schools to publish their content in English, but you can post them in any language. The site interface is available in 5 languages​​, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, and you can easily change it (the default is English). The URL of your content will change with the change of the interface language chosen by the user. In order to facilitate the indexing on search engines, meta-tags and keyword adapt to the user's chosen language. The contents that you post are not translated (we are against the use of automated software that often distort the meaning of sentences), for which they are displayed in the language you have chosen during insertion.

You must consider that on can publish Banners only Training Institutions, already on the site with their training offer, in order to boost their visibility. The format available is 300x250 pixel (BxH) present in all pages of the site and visible shared with up to 2 other advertisers (min. 33% of pageviews). does not sell advertising spaces to "impressions" , to "click" or "lead" but only on "time spent on site" (min. 1 week, Monday to Sunday). For information on costs and available dates please contact our Marketing Team.

These three options differ both in content and visibility offered to the master. The Basic version allows you to publish only basic information about the master and presents a very simple graphic. The master - basic version appears in the results page listing but in lower positions than the Top and Top Plus ones. The Top version offers richer graphics and allows the inclusion of more information on the master, including social accounts, events, photo gallery. Placement in search results is above the Basic ones but below the Top Plus ones. The Top Plus version enables more contents than the other versions, such us posting videos and podcasts, downloading documents and the inclusion of testimonials from students, alumni and faculty. It occupies the top positions in all results of listings.

Yes, but it must be considered that the position of the master in the "listing" is conditioned by two factors: "Type of Version of the pages" Score "Index Data Sheet Completion - IDC". In each listing will be placed before the version TOP-PLUS, then the TOP and then the BASIC. Within each of these 3 groups, the order is made according to IDC (obviously rewarding the most complete pages). N.B. The display of the Master is always subject to the filters set by the user (for example, it is not possible to show an MBA at the top of the listing PHD or view at the top a master degree in London, if I'm viewing the listing of Master in France).

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking here. If you do not remember the email address you have registered with, you should contact your sales representative of the Marketing Team.

For amounts less than € 1,000 immediate payment is required (bank transfer or credit card via Paypal).
For higher amounts are possible deferred payments. Talk to your sales representative of the Marketing Team.