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By attending a MA or Master of Arts, graduates with bachelor's degree will award a master's degree in the fields of social sciences, humanities, theology and fine arts. These programs typically last from one up to two years full-time and provides graduates with a general knowledge in a discipline.

Master programs and courses in training are addressed to graduates in humanities or language who wish to decline their own path of improvement in training by choosing a program of specialization in sports, culture, social, political, religious or linguistic area. Career opportunities include the role of teacher, trainer, expert in teaching, specialist in human resources training, manager of training institutions.

The frequency of a full time master program provides for students, graduates and young professionals to follow the lessons with full-time commitment for the duration of the course and program that lasts the whole day. Usually these courses are attended by men and women who have just graduated, with bachelor's or master's degree

MIB School of Management

Master in Insurance & Risk Management

MIRM: transform your career prospects in just one year! Some of the most important insurance groups train, select and support participants.

  • Typology: MA

  • Area: Social Science

  • Category: Training

  • Attendance: Full time

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The Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching programme is aimed at students with little or no teaching experience, who want to improve their understanding of linguistics as applied to English Language teaching.

Queen Mary University of London
  • Full time
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  • London - United Kingdom
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