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This one-year Master’s in Sustainable Fashion Design is a full-time intensive course which shapes students into fashion designers who have a strong awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion.The curriculum provides students with an in-depth understanding of creative and design aspects combined with a thorough technical knowledge of production and industrialisation, whilst ensuring an ethical procedure at every stage, beginning with materials and planning.The course contains highly specialising modules such as garment construction, textile design, fabric finishings and embellishments, and accessory collections, providing students with a wide-ranging specialised skill set that will enable them to cover high-profile roles in fashion and luxury companies worldwide.

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The extensive curriculum of our Master’s Course in Sustainable Fashion Design aims for you to develop a range of skills that will allow you to follow all of the stages linked to fashion design processes and to create fashion and luxury products that respect the principles of ethical fashion. This includes the briefing, trend and target definition, research, material selection, merchandising plan, product design, prototype development, costing, sampling, and production procedures. By the end of the course you will have compiled a professional portfolio of your work which you can use to present yourself to businesses in the future.

You will learn how fashion collections are designed and developed including specific aspects such as the choice of materials, prints and finishings and the research of details and decorations.

You will study fashion graphic design and the digital programmes used in the fashion environment.

You will examine accessory design creation processes, learning how to make shoes and bags.

You will study how to make a merchandising plan for wholesale and retail and understand costing. You’ll take a look at the professionals involved in fashion buying and merchandising and look in particular at how to approach fashion buying ethically.

You’ll learn how to construct garments using moulage and traditional artisanal techniques, and you’ll be able to use Lectra 3D CAD software to create 3D models of the prototypes made through moulage.

You’ll study textile design and design a fashion print collection. You’ll analyse textile decorating methods and gain a solid knowledge base of the main techniques for manipulating and re-using materials (including upcycling and recycling) to create a unique collection which takes into account the code of ethical fashion.

You’ll learn about sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly production processes which respect human rights.



Fashion Designer, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Footwear & Accessories Designer, Product Manager, Textile and Materials Researcher, Collection Manager, Art Director

Key Information

  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Attendance mode: Full-time
  • Language: English
  • Class size: Limited class size




  • Fashion Graphic Design (Photoshop &Illustrator)
  • Collection Design & Planning
  • Accessories Collection Development & Processing
  • Collection Costing & Processing
  • Buying Techniques & Merchandising
  • Moulage & 3D Patternmaking
  • Textile Design
  • Fabric Finishings & Embellishments
  • Eco-Fashion & Sustainable Fabrics
  • Personal Branding & Portfolio
  • Project Management & Start-Up
  • Workshops

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