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Pre-Master/MBA courses are addressed to graduates with bachelor's or master's degree. Usually students come from a wide range of backgrounds and need to achieve some skills or knowledge to complete their education or are looking for a career growth. Pre-Master/MBA courses are intensive programs attended by boys and girls in the months before the beginning of a MBA or master programs in order to bridge gaps on specific topics they had not studied in previous degrees but which are essential for the postgraduate course they are going to start. Thanks to this paths they will become men and women of success in managerial roles or teaching or research. Pre-Master/MBA courses allow students in a short period of time to align with other classmates thanks to a teaching focus on a few subjects but with deep study of these. Graduates who have attended these Pre-Master/MBA courses usually pass successfully the master program or MBA.

    Master in Art Direction & Copywriting

    This First level Master’s degree develops the skills needed to fill the roles of art director and copywriter at communication agencies through various forms of project work in pairs and groups, each under the direct guidance of a different creative director.

  • Typology: Pre-Master/MBA

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