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The master programs and postgraduate courses which take place in the United States are numerous and not only thanks to the geographical extent of this confederation, but mainly because it is very developed on American soil the tradition of high education. Universities and business schools in the USA offer in fact any kind of specialization program for graduates with bachelor's or master's degree and young professionals. The students of these courses of improvement are boys and girls interested in completing their academic preparation and simultaneously acquire English proficiency. Very prestigious is the provision of training related to management in the US whose students are predominantly men and women with already a career path but who are interested in professional development or to acquire skills of organization and management. There are also certificates and diplomas always aimed at graduates and young professionals

Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche ed Aziendali
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche ed Aziendali

Master in International Business for Small and Medium Enterprises - MIBS Padova & Dubai

The aim of MIBS is to train new professional figures applying the concepts, contents, languages, and methods of management. The goal is to develop specific skills in the context of firms' internationalization.

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