MSc - Master of Science - Marketing CommunicationFull time, Cost: less than 10,000 €


MSc or Master of Science is a master's degree for graduates. Students are involved from a minimum of one year up to 2 years of study including lectures, examination and realize a final project. MSc or Master of Science degree can be course-based, research-based, or more typically a combination of the two.

The best master progrmas and postgraduate courses in marketing communication aimed at graduates, young professionals, young men and women with bachelor's or master's degree and passion for communication, web, journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations who aspire to a role in companies, agencies, newspapers, publishing houses.

master program full time requires a full-time commitment for the duration of the course. It is a postgraduate course aimed at graduates, students, men and women, that can attend classes during the whole day. Usually caters to students with graduation, bachelor's or master's degree

Master programs with a tuition fee < 10.000 € are master'd degrees for graduates that require an investment of a few hundred up to a few thousand euro. A fee for the master of less than ten thousand euro is sustainable even for all boys and girls.

    Hotel Design Solutions

    The course was designed to investigate the new dynamics that influence consumer choice and how the design of internal and external areas (e.g. wellness or "private spa" areas) can determine the success of a facility, both in the case of restyling and new constructions.

  • Typology: MSc

  • Area: Marketing Communication

  • Attendance: Full time

  • Cost: less than 10,000 €

// FOUND 2 MASTER [in 2 Locations / Editions]


The Course examines the variables essential to start and manage a top-of-the-range licensing process, by analysing the increasingly stringent relations with the activities of Brand Extension and Contract until Merchandising.

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  • Full time
  • 100 Hours
  • YES
  • 2000 
  • Departing  Milan - Italy  - Oct 15, 2020

The Executive Master is dedicated to professionals who intend to bring innovation within their work environment or to open new business outlook.

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  • Full time
  • 14 Months
  • 9500
  • Milan - Italy

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