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By attending a MSc or Master of Science, graduates, boys and girls with bachelor's degree, obtain an advanced knowledge in scientific and mathematical themes. Career opportunities post master for men and woman can affect both roles in companies, laboratories, research centers and healthcare institutions.

Master programs and courses in journalism for graduates with bachelor's or master's degree who want to pursue a career as an editor, journalist, blogger, professional of printed paper or digital issues. Specialization programs on journalistic writing for professions as publicist for newspapers, magazines, television, radio and publishing houses, but also on web portals dedicated to news.

The frequency of a full time master program provides for students, graduates and young professionals to follow the lessons with full-time commitment for the duration of the course and program that lasts the whole day. Usually these courses are attended by men and women who have just graduated, with bachelor's or master's degree

    Rome Business School

    Master in eHealth Management

    Master in eHealth and Telemedicine Management is the combined use of information technology and electronic communication, especially the internet, in the health sector, for clinical, educational and administrative purposes; both on-site and at distance (in which case it is called Telemedicine).

  • Typology: MSc

  • Area: Marketing Communication

  • Category: Journalism

  • Attendance: Full time

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The International Master in Luxury Management (IMLUX) is a Double Programme offered by MIP Politecnico di Milano and NEOMA Business School in, which seeks to teach the fundamentals of operating in the Luxury goods industry. It's developed in collaboration with Prada Group and Champagne Taittinger.

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MIP Politecnico di Milano
  • Full time
  • 19500 
  • Departing  Milan - Italy  - Jun 30, 2020

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