MSc - Master of Science - Business - EconomicsFull time, Cost: less than 4,000 €


MSc or Master of Science is a master's degree for graduates. Students are involved from a minimum of one year up to 2 years of study including lectures, examination and realize a final project. MSc or Master of Science degree can be course-based, research-based, or more typically a combination of the two.

Business economics is the category of master programs in banking, finance, insurance for graduates and young professionals interested in a career as economists, insurers, finance managers and boasting a high education with economic or marketing and administrative address

master program full time requires a full-time commitment for the duration of the course. It is a postgraduate course aimed at graduates, students, men and women, that can attend classes during the whole day. Usually caters to students with graduation, bachelor's or master's degree

Master programs with cost < 4.000 € are paths forgraduates with bachelor's or master's degree that require an investment of a few hundred to a few thousand euro. A tuition fee for the master less than four thousand euro means, for boys and girls, five hundred, a thousand, two thousand, three thousand to four thousand euro for an advanced course.

MIB School of Management

MBA in International Business

MBA provides students with the business skills and personal resources essential to launch and sustain their professional ambitions.

  • Typology: MSc

  • Area: Business - Economics

  • Attendance: Full time

  • Cost: less than 4,000 €

// FOUND 2 MASTER [in 2 Locations / Editions]


MSc in Financial Mathematics provides knowledge and skills in two major areas - financial engineering and insurance mathematics.

University of Tartu
  • Full time
  • 1 Years
  • YES
  • 3200 
  • Departing  Tartu - Estonia  - Mar 16, 2020

The Course examines the variables essential to start and manage a top-of-the-range licensing process, by analysing the increasingly stringent relations with the activities of Brand Extension and Contract until Merchandising.
  • Full time
  • 100 Hours
  • YES
  • 2000 
  • Departing  Milan - Italy  - Oct 15, 2020

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