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MPhil stands for Master of Philosophy and it is a master's degree which may be awarded to graduates after completing several years of research but before the dissertation and can serve as a provisional enrollment for a PhD. In most universities completion, of a MPhil or Master of Philosophy typically requires two years of full-time or five years or more of part-time study and the submission of a thesis comprising a body of original research undertaken by the student. By attending a MPhil or Master of Philosophy boys and girls will award a degree in the fields related to reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, and language and can aspire to a career as researcher, teacher, philosopher and expert on issues related to life, death, consciousness and awareness of themselves and of others.

    Master in Art Direction & Copywriting

    This First level Master’s degree develops the skills needed to fill the roles of art director and copywriter at communication agencies through various forms of project work in pairs and groups, each under the direct guidance of a different creative director.

  • Typology: MPhil

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The MIM curriculum helps discover how Made in Italy leaders win in established and emerging markets, developing an entrepreneurial mindset with a global outlook.

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Luiss Business School
  • Full time
  • 12 Months
  • Not declared
  • Rome - Italy