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Master programs and postgraduate courses in medicine are usually aimed at graduates in medical science and aim to offer a specialization in very different areas, ranging from communication to management of healthcare companies and hospital environment, from nutrition to diet, in addition to the areas most closely to medicine such as medical surgery, orthodontics, orthopedics, cardio vascular specializations. Boys and girls interested in the study of diseases and conditions rather than to the doctor-patient relationship, or with vocation for medical research, can follow a path of specialization in medicine and become men and women established professionals.

Career opportunities
Students who are skilled with a master program in medicine can work as specialists or managers and directors of local health, wellness managers, biomedical managers, surgeons, experts in nutrition and sports medicine.

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The International Master in business Analytics & Big Data is the 12-month programme designed to train a new generation of data-savvy professionals to be able to manage complex business analytics problems across a variety of different industries and environments

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