Top MBA - Master of Business Administration


MBA or master of business administration is the type of postgraduate course chosen by graduates and young professionals interested in a career as a manager. It is in fact a program of specialization for boys and girls, men and women who are already working and who want to give their career a managerial growth. MBA programs require to their students a previous job experience after graduation, bachelor's or master's degree. This path aims mainly to transfer to students skills related to the management of human resources, leadership and strategic vision, essential for anyone who seeks to roles as an entrepreneur, CEO, business executive. The MBA courses are expensive and often funded directly by companies that want to reorganize their structure and therefore require that managers, executives and officials have the right knowledge and skills.

  • Typology: MBA

// FOUND 2 MASTER [in 2 Locations / Editions]


The International Full-Time MBA is a fast-track 12-month program entirely taught in English and is designed to train the managers of the future with the mindset and technical skills to be able to motivate themselves and people in a more meaningful way.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management
  • Full time
  • 12
  • 38000 
  • Departing  Milan - Italy  - Oct 1, 2024

The International Part Time MBA is the 20-month program taught entirely in English of POLIMI Graduate School of Management designed for talented professionals who want to acquire top managerial skills without interrupting their career.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management
  • Part time
  • 20
  • 40000 
  • Departing  Milan - Italy  - Oct 1, 2024

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