Top Master's degree with duration 4-6 months


Attending a master degree or a postgraduate course with a duration between four and six months ensures a deep preparation in specific subjects. Universities and business schools that offer master programmes and higher education courses with frequency fulltime or part-time over the four, five, six-month duration, have designed these lessons to help graduates to complete their specialization and to enter the world of work and aspire to a management career. The teaching phase can affect the complete duration of the master programme or may cover only the first part because then follows a period of training or internships and graduates or young professionals - who attend the course - can take lessons in Europe or even in another country in the world, according to where is located the college or training institution that provides the master programme. After 4,5,6 months of teaching lessons, the student must take an exam to pass the master degree or postgraduate course.

  • Duration: 4-6 months

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