Fondazione Collegio Europeo di Parma - Master's degree for Graduates

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International MBA

Rome Business School’s International MBA is the ideal choice for professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs looking for flexibility in choosing the mode, duration, and place of a top class training with an international approach. Hurry up: 2 remaining seats!

  • School: Fondazione Collegio Europeo di Parma

// FOUND 1 MASTER [in 1 Locations / Editions]


The Graduate Diploma and Master's Degree in Advanced European Studies (DASE) is an excellent, multilingual, interdisciplinary education on the institutions, law, economics and major policies of the European Union.

Fondazione Collegio Europeo di Parma
  • Full time
  • YES
  • Not declared
  • Departing  Parma - Italy  - Oct 15, 2023

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