Master in Design for Kids & Toys fondato dal Politecnico di Milano

The Specializing Master aims to train, in terms of content and method, a new generation of professionals with a multidisciplinary profile able to manage highly complex product service systems, typical of all the sectors that have the child as a reference user. Its objective is to develop a transversal competence in order to perform with professionalism and autonomy between concrete constraints, such as security and law, and abstract goals such as cultural, cognitive, educational, recreational and ethical.

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The Master in Design for Kids & Toys is organized in partnership with Assogiocattoli, which represents Italian manufacturers and distributors working in this industry. Italy generally excels in design (that means culture, method and practice of project and production) in several fields like fashion, food and creativity applied to multiple activities, but in the toy and childcare productions Italian design has yet to play a key role in building a recognizable identity. The “Design System” and “System of Enterprise”, shows significant episodes but certainly not a coherent and recognizable oversight in children’s products, in furniture for children, in the game and in the toy sector. From this scenario it comes a need in poly-technical and multi-skill training.

Designers and, in particular, strategic designers have the role of create scenarios understanding the many aspects and skills that compose the system. Design a toy or a product/service for children needs the skills to design the whole system of artefacts, around the child and for products and services.

Too often actually products for children have been interpreted as the declination of pre-existing goods, overloaded with signs, functions and colours inserted in a deliberately redundant packaging, or the unmediated reproduction of an adult object. Today technology offers interesting opportunities but often it is not a vehicle of qualified contents able to generate new ways of playing, learning and socializing or stimulating creativity and imagination, but more often it is a self-referential and not suitable for children component.

If we think today about the “Design for Kids”, then we realize the number and type of skills needed to design a quality product aimed at the world of children.


Master in Design for Kids & Toys has three types of employment opportunities:

– Freelance professionals and consultants able of thinking, developing and managing product service system projects and educational activities (training, laboratories, workshops etc.);
– Startuppers able of giving life to new businesses within offering for kids by taking cross-cutting
opportunities in different sectors and areas (from technology to services);
– Positions in research and development offices, technical office, marketing and communication of
companies, agencies and institutions that have business related to the child system;
– Positions in retail specialized in the child system.

The Master also has the cultural goal of training mothers and dads aware of the role of play in the educational development of children. The Master aims to train professionals able to exploit all the potentials and opportunities of technology and markets, putting the child at the center of any design process and innovation.

Theoretical training modules in e-learning mode: students, using the e- learning platform, follow all the e-learning didactic modules managing autonomously the times and the hours of use of the didactic contents. The students will be supported during the entire course through the use of digital tools such as the Slack collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams for planning video conferences and one-to-one meetings, and targeted email exchanges. At the end of each module students will have to take a test (quiz or report) to verify the acquired concepts.

The theoretical training modules, delivered in e-learning mode, concern the following subjects:

-strategic design and design thinking
-service design
-marketing and communication
-companies, the sector and the markets
-technologies and materials
-laws and safety
-pedagogy, psychology, cognitive ergonomics and neuroscience

The course provides the following didactic programme:

  • Communication
  • Human Centered Design
  • Strategic Design
  • Psychology
  • Technology and materials
  • Project management
  • Regulations
  • Marketing
  • Product-service-system
  • Ict and robotics
  • Entrepreneurship & Strategy
  • Worshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • Stage

Title and acknowledgements At the end of the Course, a certificate of attendance will be issued by S.c.r.l.

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  • International class
  • International faculty
  • Lessons in foreign language 0%
  • International traineeship
  • Traineeship at international companies
  • Attendance of the master abroad

The Master is held in English: a good knowledge of the
English language will be an advantage.

Master in Design for Kids & Toys is open to applicants who have a university degree (Laurea, equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) under the old or the new educational system or a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) under the new educational system in Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design, and in related economic disciplines, Communication Science, Educational Science and to applicants with equivalent qualifications. The Board shall admit applicants who have qualifications in disciplines other than those specified above, if the Master may complete the training of the applicant or the professional skills and experience shown
by same.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
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Cost of the master: Not declared
Scholarships available
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  • Laboratories
  • Wifi access
  • Disability services
This mode of contribution supports the emergence and development of a cultural community formed by the Master's students, faculty, visitor professors and supporters of the project in general.This mode involves direct contact with the sponsor through brand presentation,organization of visits to showrooms, factories, workshops, etc. Each edition of the Master will produce professional figures, capable of representing a cultural point of reference and able to spread and support in the world the identity of the sponsor.

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  • Polls about alumni careers
  • CV sending
  • Feedback monitoring
  • International opportunities
  • Identifying companies for traineeship
  • Coaching during company's interviews
  • Traineeship quality monitoring
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