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The lighting project must be understood as a service to promote well-being, personal, social, productive, relational and communicative activities throughout the whole range of human activities. Artificial lighting is in fact a primary asset of modern societies and it is one of the factors that has provided its contribution to the economic, commercial and social development of the most advanced nations in the world. The use of all the energy and expressive potential of the light requires the definition of professionalism and adequate design methods that are provided by the master.

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The Master’s objective is the training of professional profiles able to follow the design and production process of lighting, in interior architecture, urban exteriors,museums, temporary installations, and the areas of hospitality, with particular attention to the analysis and synthesis of the new methodological processes of creativity, organization and realization of the lighting project in the BIM, in relation with the technological innovations of the sector and with and with particular attention to the IoT innovation in the home and building automation.


The result of the master is an innovative professional profile with advanced skills concerning the main lighting design activities in  hospitality and commercial interiors, urban exteriors, museum and temporary installations.

This professional profile can be recruited by companies in the lighting sector and in professional firms and also in technical offices of public administration. In the technical-lighting companies, s/he will be included in the design, construction and control studies of lighting systems. In professional firms of architecture, industrial design and technical-lighting design, s/he will support the architectural design of residential, commercial, public, recreational, sport, museum and exhibit design buildings, with  coordination and support tasks for design of artificial lighting.

In local authorities and public and private companies in the field of  public lighting services, s/he can be included in the offices of design, installation, testing and management of public and private lighting, with duties concerning construction supervision and verification related to the problems coming from reference legislation and standards for public and private lighting.

The Specializing Master has a placement of more than 90% of participants who could fit into design firms and leading companies within one year after completion of studies.

The Specializing Master will be held in English. Any lecture in other languages will be translated simultaneously.

The teaching activity will be held in person. The educational program is divided into 10 thematic modules plus an 11th module which is the internship. The teaching of the didactic modules will be in English. The first 4 didactic modules develop the basic skills in the field of theories, methods and tools for lighting Design; from the technical, methodological and cultural basics of the project to permanent innovation in the sector:

1-Theory of lighting.

2-Lighting engineering.

3- Connected lighting.

4-Introduction to Lighting Design.


The following 5 didactic modules develop advanced skills in the field of Lighting Design practice:

5- Project work: lighting design with CAD and BIM.

6 – Project work: lighting for the hospitality.

7 – Project work: Lighting in exteriors.

8 – Project work: lighting for cultural heritage.

9 – Project work: lighting in commercial interiors.

The 10th educational module develops empowerment skills for entering the world of working for corporate and professional training.

Title and acknowledgements At the end of the Course, a certificate of attendance will be issued by S.c.r.l.

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Candidates with a Bachelor or Master of Science Degree in Architecture, Design, Engineering, or equivalent degree, can bel eligible. The master experience could be a valuable complement to the experience gained by the candidate. Different qualifications will be taken into account when selecting candidates.

Applications can be accepted in chronological order but just until all the available places in classroom are sold out.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
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