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The MBA is the cornerstone of our Business School and aims to train future leaders of the most prominent companies, to prepare them to take on important responsibilities and to be able to overcome future issues surrounding sustainability, innovation and digitalisation. Our International Full-Time MBA aims to prepare future managers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and professionals, in developing skills and capabilities to establish and guiding a purposeful organization. Our program is designed to equip a much-needed generation of leaders who will be responsible for shaping a better future through a guiding Purpose – ours is a purpose-led New-Generation MBA.

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A Top MBA program designed with Top Companies

The world is going through unprecedented change and a new generation of leaders is required. Leaders that combine the most advanced management skills with the ability to leverage the power of purpose to deliver remarkable performance and a positive contribution to society.

The International Full-Time MBA at POLIMI GSoM, is the cornerstone of our business school. For this reason we decided to completely redesign the programme, as a New Generation MBA. The programme aims to train future leaders of the most prominent companies of our time, by preparing brilliant minds for the important responsibilities of the future.

What makes our International Full-Time MBA different is that we aim to coach future managers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and professionals to develop the skills and capabilities additionally required to establish and guide a purposeful organisation.

It has become clear that profit and purpose are no longer two opposing realities. To keep up with the times, rethinking a company’s purpose and playing a concrete role in society is fundamental for any organisation.
Here is our biggest challenge: to help future business leaders and managers to be more confident and conscious about what we call “the purpose revolution”.
That is why at POLIMI Graduate School of Management we have launched our New Generation MBA: a unique Master that will prepare future #leaders to succeed, give meaning to their success, and to contribute to build a better future for all. – Federico Frattini, POLMI GSoM Dean


The primary aim of the International MBA program is to equip participants with the strong competencies and skills that will accompany them throughout their career. The program allows participants to immediately put into practise new ideas, frameworks and tools, through teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration, case-study methodology and challenging projects.
The diversity of students and faculty combined with the international opportunities allow participants to also gain the global business skills and insights to operate successfully anywhere in the world. The MBA is designed to train the ‘manager of the future’ capable of addressing cross functional, multi-dimensional and complex problems.

The International Full-Time MBA is a fast-track 12-month program entirely taught in English and is designed to train the managers of the future with the mindset and technical skills to be able to motivate themselves and people in a more meaningful way.

The focus is on new and emerging technologies in management as well as innovative methods of leadership and soft skills; the purpose-led MBA at POLIMI Graduate School of Management is based on specific core pillars such as the analytical approach to problem solving, innovation and futuristic technology, a balance between hard and soft skills, a human-centric approach and close collaboration with global companies.


Candidates can customise their learning path by choosing a specialisation from four possible streams -

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Startup Development
  • Digital Transformation & Big Data
  • Luxury & Design Management
  • Global & Sustainable Management

The program also offers a number of international opportunities like the Silicon Valley Experience, study tours in China & Mexico and short & long exchanges with our worldwide university partners.

POLIMI GSoM and its collaborators award financial assistance to International Full-Time MBA candidates, ranging from merit-based tuition fee contributions to company sponsorships.

Company Sponsorships of €5,000 are available to all candidates, funded by MBA Partner Companies.

Different types of tuition contributions are available and cover up to 50% of the fee.

For more information and application assistance, please visit the website at write to

  • Aula internacional
  • Maestros internacionales
  • Clases de lengua extranjera 100%
  • Viaje de estudios en el extranjero
  • Prácticas en el extranjero
  • Formación en empresas internacionales
  • Asistencia a los cursos en lugares extranjeros
  • Emisión de títulos extranjeros
Criterios para la evaluación de las solicitudes:
  • Evaluación de cv
  • Carta de motivación
  • Referencias
  • Evaluación de cartera
  • Entrevista y/o prueba de lenguaje
  • Examen
  • Entrevista motivacional
Requisitos para la admisión:
  • Licenciatura
  • Título equivalente
  • Los estudiantes de pregrado
  • Profesionales
  • Gerente
  • Experiencia de trabajo anterior
Contribución a las selecciones:
Número máximo de estudiantes admitidos: 30
Costo del Master: 38000 IVA Exento
  • Tutoría
  • Laboratorio
  • Acceso a Internet WiFi
  • Accesibilidad discapacitado
  • Cantina/Vales de comida
  • Actividades deportivas
  • Actividades culturales
POLIMI Graduate School of Management Career Development Office (CDO) is one-of-a-kind and is dedicated to providing a highly personalized service to each MBA student. The CDO provides guidance and assistance so as to best prepare the candidate for the recruitment process with the MBA Partner Companies as well as all the companies of our network. The CDO’s goal is to provide the MBA students with the right opportunities to grow their post-MBA career

  • Trabajo posteando
  • Libro y/o base de datos de graduados
  • Encuestas sobre las carreras de antiguos alumnos
  • Recursos multimedia: enlaces / e-books
  • Oficina specif
  • Herramienta de evaluación (fortalezas, debilidades, actitud, etc)
  • Apoyo y la tutoría en la apertura empresa
  • Envío de CV
  • Control de retroalimentación
  • Oportunidades internacionales
  • Presentaciones Empresas
  • Careerday
  • Careerday por área (finanzas, recursos humanos, etc)
  • Apoyo en la redacción del currículum vitae
  • Identificación de las empresas para prácticas
  • Seminarios de orientación
  • Formación en la empresa
  • Tecnicas de caza de empleo
  • Preparación de la entrevista
  • Entrenamiento en contactos con empresas
  • Control de la calidad de las prácticas
Actividades relacionadas con Alumni:
  • Ex alumnos de asociación
  • Presencia en social network
  • Reuniones con ex alumnos
  • Mesas Redondas
  • Reuniones
  • Encuestas
  • Mailings de toda la vida
  • Boletín de noticias
  • Blog /Foros
  • Directorio ex alumnos
  • Club de negocios y el deporte
  • Convenios para cursos para ejecutivos
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