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The International Master in Media and Communication Management aims to uncover your potential and empower your skillset with the objective of taking on leading responsibilities in the media industry and reaching top management roles in Communication divisions.

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The International Master in Media and Communication Management (IMMCM) is the 12-month programme offered by POLIMI Graduate School of Managementwhich aims to uncover your potential and empower your skillset with the objective of taking on leading responsibilities in the media industry and reaching top management roles in Communication divisions.

Entirely taught in English and delivered in partnership with several companies in the sector, the master offers a unique mix of action-based teaching methods, practical activities with some of the foremost players in the world of Media & Communication and professional consultants, useful for acquiring the right mindset to exploit the synergies between creativity and analysis and for foreseeing the impact of new technology as well as emerging trends in current and future markets.

In addition to including highly customised career management services, the programme allows participants to specialise through two different concentrations – IMMCM Management and IMMCM Services – and enhance the learning experience by selecting the elective courses according to their interests and aspirations.

Start date: October 2024
Format: Full-time
Duration: 12 months
Language: English
Location: POLIMI Graduate School of Management (Milan, Italy)
Admission requirements: 3-year bachelor’s degree; English proficiency
Company partners: Adidas, Campari Group, GOLIN, Google, Hyundai, Promomedia, Salesforce, SKY, VNA, WPP


The Master aims to uncover your potential and empower your skillset with the objective of taking on leading responsibilities in the media industry and reaching top management roles in Communication divisions.

Learn from our network of partner companies and professional consultants directly involved in the programme: they do not simply provide support, but also design the content with our faculty and bring their direct experience to the class, presenting real cases to discuss during the sessions. Among these are UNA, UPA, WPP, Hyundai, Incentive Promomedia and many others;

This programme focuses on important and increasingly up-to-date media and communication topics (metaverse marketing, influencer marketing, content strategy, etc), combining professional and theoretical expertise and using action-based teaching methods;

You will also have the possibility of choosing between two different concentrations (Media and Communication for Management and Media and Communication for Services) and attending several laboratories aimed at putting into practice the topics covered in the classroom.


Graduates of our previous editions are now working in leading companies such as:

In the 2021 edition: 86% of students were offered internships in companies


46% Media/Entertainment
27% Consulting
9% Luxury, Fashion, Lifestyle
9% Tech and Digital
9% Manufacturing

With this course we give you a solid background for facing the challenges of Media & Communications industries that are evolving at a rapid pace, driven to change by new technologies and big target shifts.

We have designed standard in-class lectures, videos, and digital content but
also formats that create a very active environment and opportunities for discussion and the sharing of information, such as teamwork, workshops, simulations and case studies.


Your path will be divided as follows:

General Management (online)
Basics of Marketing and Communication (core courses)
Media and Communication (core courses)
- IMMCM management
- IMMCM services

You will need to accomplish and present an academic or company-based project in the form of a short thesis or describe the project you have developed in partnership with one or more companies.

The Master will give you the opportunity to acquire and develop leadership and managerial skills through dedicated modules such as: Negotiation, Effective Communication, Leadership and Team Dynamics.

You will have the chance to try out a series of activities aimed at boosting your business networking opportunities, discovering the business world and enhancing your skills as a future professional.

Throughout your Master you will be able to access a range of services offered by the Politecnico di Milano Digital Innovation Observatories that aim to provide students and companies with an expert point of view on digital innovation through research, communication and continuous updating activities. Moreover, you will also be able to access a language platform to improve your knowledge of the Italian language, which is essential for your learning and training process.

  • Aula internacional
  • Maestros internacionales
  • Clases de lengua extranjera 100%
  • Viaje de estudios en el extranjero
  • Prácticas en el extranjero
  • Formación en empresas internacionales
  • Asistencia a los cursos en lugares extranjeros
  • Emisión de títulos extranjeros
Criterios para la evaluación de las solicitudes:
  • Evaluación de cv
  • Carta de motivación
  • Referencias
  • Entrevista y/o prueba de lenguaje
  • Entrevista motivacional
Requisitos para la admisión:
  • Licenciatura
  • Título equivalente
  • Los estudiantes de pregrado
Contribución a las selecciones:
Número máximo de estudiantes admitidos: 30
Costo del Master: 20000 IVA Exento
  • Tutoría
  • Laboratorio
  • Acceso a Internet WiFi
  • Accesibilidad discapacitado
  • Cantina/Vales de comida
  • Actividades deportivas
  • Actividades culturales

  • Trabajo posteando
  • Libro y/o base de datos de graduados
  • Recursos multimedia: enlaces / e-books
  • Herramienta de evaluación (fortalezas, debilidades, actitud, etc)
  • Envío de CV
  • Oportunidades internacionales
  • Presentaciones Empresas
  • Careerday
  • Careerday por área (finanzas, recursos humanos, etc)
  • Apoyo en la redacción del currículum vitae
  • Identificación de las empresas para prácticas
  • Seminarios de orientación
  • Formación en la empresa
  • Tecnicas de caza de empleo
  • Preparación de la entrevista
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