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Managing a brand in the fashion and luxury industry requires professionals who are able to combine creative ability and business acumen.This full-time, intensive one-year Master’s course is ideal for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, who dream of starting or managing a fashion or luxury brand or who want to work in one of the many different areas related to fashion and luxury management.The course is designed to enable students to develop a high level of managerial, marketing, strategic and entrepreneurial skills, allowing them to cover high-profile roles in the fashion and luxury industry worldwide.The course curriculum is forward-looking and varied and combines classroom lectures with seminars, workshops including meetings with brands, businesses and industry experts, as well as field trips to trade fairs, fashion events, businesses and other key sector locations and businesses.

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The wide-ranging curriculum of our Master’s Course in Fashion Brand Management will give you an essential awareness of the complexity and interrelated nature of the fashion industry.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Made in Italy and the luxury system in general, including through the analysis of important Italian and international case studies.

You’ll become grounded in trend research & forecasting and acquire the tools which enable brands to develop unique products and services that are in line with consumer demand. You’ll look at brand development and positioning, get to know the characteristics of fashion products and their production procedures, and understand the timings of fashion and the evermore important concept of eco-fashion.

You’ll learn how to promote a brand’s philosophy through understanding the key elements behind the marketing strategies used by luxury brands, and you’ll understand market evolution and how to analyse consumer needs and competition.

You’ll be able to come up with a communication strategy, follow advertising campaigns, and gain important retail, sales and fashion buying techniques, including through developing a merchandising plan.

You’ll be introduced to the digital tools used in fashion graphic design, examine how brands use social media and how they present products through e-commerce.

You’ll study how fashion brands use personalised marketing & branding to attract and inspire clients and learn about consumer behaviour and how to balance instinct and reason when approaching different client styles.

You’ll learn essential teamwork and leadership skills.

The course also aims to give you the confidence and insight to be able to launch a business of your own through targeted lectures and workshops on personal branding.



Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Licensing Manager, Sales Manager, Retail Manager, Fashion Buyer, Product Developer, Commercial Director, Merchandising Manager, Distribution Manager, Account Manager, Strategic Planner, E-commerce Manager, Social Media Manager, Communication Manager.

Key Information

  • Duration:  1 academic year
  • Attendance mode: Full-time
  • Language: This course is available in English or Italian
  • Class size: Limited class size




  • Made in Italy & Luxury Goods System
  • Luxury & Fashion Marketing
  • Trends & Research
  • International & Fashion Markets
  • Fashion Graphic Design (Photoshop &InDesign)
  • Fashion & Luxury Communication
  • Social Media Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Buying Techniques & Merchandising
  • Experiential Marketing & Branding
  • Retail Management & Sales Techniques
  • Licensing & Brand Extensions
  • Fashion Product
  • Personal Branding
  • Workshops
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