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Master and Courses in Translation and/or Interpretation upon request in every month of the year. The exclusive formula of E-Learning with individual frequency, provides participants with the maximum attention and availability of the teacher, giving personalised services in terms of time as well as practice exercises, all on the basis of students’ needs. The training programs of the School are unique as they create formation as well as achieving an individual Specialisation level via a remote format, on days and times convenient for students. It is possible to choose only one qualification or both (Translation and Interpretation). The objective of the School is to offer up-to-date formation in order to become professionally marketable, therefore, the School engages in selecting the appropriate specialised sectors on the basis of the effective requests of the marketplace, furthermore, the School offers competences regarding the relative software for computer-aided translation.

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Master Courses of Sectorial Advanced Translation Training and/or Courses of Interpretation ONLINE, carried out by Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori addresses its courses to Italian and Foreign Graduates. Candidates in possession of a Linguistic Certification of at least B1 Level and Graduates with a Degree in Foreign Languages or in Linguistic Mediation (or equivalent) are exempt from the Entrance Test.

The Qualification of “Translation” foresees the possibility of specialising in one or more foreign languages and in one or more linguistic combinations, choosing between Passive Translation or Active Translation or both.

PASSIVE TRANSLATION is the translation from a foreign language towards a native language, whereas ACTIVE TRANSLATION is the translation from a native language towards a foreign language.

The Qualification in “Interpretation” allows one to specialisein Consecutive Interpretation and Negotiation Interpretation in one or more foreign languages and in one or more linguistic combinations, choosing between Passive Oral Translation, Active Oral Translation or both.

With regards to Active Translation in Writing and Oral skills, a level not inferior to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is required or having passed the Entrance Test.


The majority of students who have achieved a Specialisation level from the School, practice the profession of Freelance Translator or are employed C/- companies, Italian or Foreign institutions, after a few months.

Apart from providing participants with the required competences, the School, facilitates professional placements with the aid of free-cost services of intermediation between the demand and offer of work as well as visibility on the web.

A further opportunity is that of anticipating the times of professional placements and offers from A.T.I., (Associazione di Traduttori e Interpreti) of which participants can become associate members, free of charge, upon completion of the training program.

An internship in Advanced Translation Training and the opportunity of belonging to a Professional Register of Translators, reinforces professional credibility that the ethical respect of the profession guarantees.

Possible Professional Profiles - Master Course of Advanced Translation Training

  • Specialised Translator for Tourism Enterprises, Marketing of the Tourism Sector
  • Specialised Translator for Legal firms, Notary Offices and Courts, Certified Translators
  • Specialised Translator for Web sites, E-Commerce, Web-Marketing and Web-Copywriter for Advertising Companies/Agencies
  • Specialised Translator for Industrial Companies as well as Import/Export Companies
  • Specialised Translator for ‘Made in Italy’ Manufacturing Companies, Specialised Translator in Medical Research and Divulgation, Private Healthcare Facilities as well as medical equipment.
  • Translator for Traditional and Digital Editorial Specialisation

Possible Professional Profiles - Master Course of Advanced Training in Interpretation

  • Interpreter for the Tourism Sector and Tourist Guide
  • Interpreter for Commercial Negotiations
  • Interpreter for Import/Export
  • Interpreter for Language Service Agencies
  • Interpreter (remote) (telephone interpretation and videoconferencing interpretation)


The duration of six months can be extended as well as being accelerated on the basis of personal requests of the participants.

Translation: For each linguistic combination, 21 practical translation practice exercises are planned (7 practice exercises for each of the three (3) sectors concerning the specialisation chosen). Each practice exercise is corrected and commented in detail by the assigned teacher/tutor including practical recommendations. The exercises are not restrictive to specific times.

An Exam of Advanced Translation Training is planned for each of the sectors chosen, for a total of three (3) exams.

Interpretation: For each foreign language of Advanced Translation Training, 40 hours of individual practice exercises with the Interpreter-Teacher is planned. The exercises consist of practical exercises and realistic simulations of Consecutive and Negotiation Interpretation services, with progressive complexity. They are carried out in Videoconferencing, on days and times on the basis of the requirements of the participant.

The Final Exam consists of a Remote Interpretation exercise (Videoconferencing) relating to a topic covered during the training program.

Cost of the master: 1200 VAT included
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