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The course aims to train professionals so they are able to design and develop apps and interfaces for new digital services, starting from the requirements provided by the customer and making use of methodologies and tools specific to Design and Information Technology, both by working in a team and individually, within a business or within a self-employed context.

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According to John Maeda, the digital designer should:

  • have an understanding of the logic behind the code, even without necessarily programming in the first person, to have the pulse of the feasibility of the design solutions it offers;
  • have a critical look at technology, which has the task of "humanizing" for the end user, asking himself at each stage of development what to do and why;
  • embrace the multidisciplinary context in which he works as an engine of creativity and evolution, which leads him to understand and dominate new paradigms.

In summary, have the continuous courage to renew his skills. Both designers and developers today have new opportunities for contamination and professional growth thanks to the convergence in place which on the one hand democratizes the drawing tools - shortening the supply chain that leads from prototyping to the development of a solution - and on the other requires new and more up-to-date skills to adapt to ever-changing languages ​​and systems, with an ever-increasing focus on user experience. To answer these questions in a contemporary and effective way, and Cefriel have joined forces in an innovative and experimental path that aims to provide designers and programmers with the tools, skills and method to develop mobile cross-platform applications.


The course aims to train professionals capable of designing and developing cross-platform apps, using Web technologies.The course aims to:

  • provide basic theoretical knowledge on UX and App Development
  • introduce the problems and technologies available today to build apps
  • indicate good practices with which to build one's own project culture on the subject
  • suggest the most appropriate tools for the profession
  • present some of the main solutions for the creation of cross-platform apps using updated programming languages

All oriented to provide a polytechnic methodology with which to approach the App project in its entirety, from the problem setting phase to that of Quality Assessment.The course will have a strong professionalizing impact: through a project work commissioned by a real company, participants will have the opportunity to apply the concepts and tools learned directly to a concrete project and a real client.

Cost of the master: 2000 VAT excluded
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        App Design & Development

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