Master in Management & Entrepreneurship

A programme for future managers, entrepreneurs and researchers who want to drive innovations in business and society towards a more sustainable future.

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If you agree that profit maximization should no longer dominate entrepreneurial activity, you should check out our masters programme "Mangement & Entrepreneurship". It provides you with the knowledge, skills and the spirit to take on complex contemporary challenges with the aim of building a more sustainable future.

Our masters is interdisciplinary. It contains elements from management and entrepreneurship studies as well as finance, business informatics and psychology.

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The pro­gram­me provides an ex­cel­lent foun­da­ti­on for entering into dif­fe­rent ca­re­er paths, bot inside and outside academia (as managers, entrepreneurs, business developers, or consultants)

The programme is structured along five tracks:

  • The Management studies track: responsible manageemnt in business and society
  • The Core curriculum track: entrepreneurial thinking and critical reflection
  • The Research track: advance scientific understanding and develop solutions for contemporary problems
  • The Complementary studies track: participation in interdisciplinary seminars
  • Electives
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