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Why the Master in Management and Technology with a Major in Business Transformation?The digital ecosystem impacts every business. The resulting transformation affects organizational structures, brand positioning, the customer experience, marketing and communication strategies and the integration of back-end processes. IT providers and agencies are devoting substantial resources to support businesses to execute impactful digital initiatives and succeed in the digital transformation process.This program is designed for talented graduates looking to build the distinctive capabilities and valuable knowledge required to merge business and technology-driven strategies. It develops digital capabilities, managerial skills and leadership techniques for succeeding in firms in the digital ecosystem or in businesses undergoing a digital transformation process.

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The Master provides students with 60 ECTS credits.

It prepares professionals to:

  • Adapt corporate strategy through the implementation of integrated services and products.
  • Add value in companies, contributing to the development of innovative ideas to exploit digital tools and implement new business models.
  • Build T-shaped capabilities, providing the business foundation to leverage digital expertise and become industry leaders.
  • Create and protect a company’s web reputation, adopting new digital communication channels.
  • Extract, clean, interpret, communicate and protect information coming from complex data analysis.
  • Reinvent the customer experience, exploiting new digital channels and techniques useful for the overall organization, from marketing to sales to distribution.
  • Reengineer operational processes, gaining a wide understanding of the potential changes in firm practices to adapt to new digital technologies.
  • Understand the threats of cyber risk and the protection methodologies expected by cyber law.

Learning methods and key courses

  • Top managerial education
  • Combination of lectures and labs
  • Field project
  • Focus on business transformation
  • Soft skills and leadership capabilities, complemented by ethics and social responsibility
  • Understanding environmental change dynamics, digitization and strategic management

Target audience

Students with a BA who want to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge in order to start a career in the digital ecosystem, including consulting firms, IT providers and digital agencies. Fluent English and personal motivation are required.

  • International class
  • International faculty
  • Lessons in foreign language 100%
Cost of the master: 16000 VAT free
  • Shuttle service
  • Laboratories
  • Wifi access
  • Disability services
  • Canteen/Meal tickets
  • Cultural activities
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        Business Transformation - Major del Master in Management & Technology

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