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Our MA in Ancient History is an opportunity to see the ancient past as familiar yet provocative, a world as multifaceted as our own. We will guide you in forming your own critical judgements of classical antiquity, together with its living legacies.We invite you to join our thriving, creative, and supportive comm­unity of scholars beyond the classroom in regular postgraduate social meetings, weekly seminars, and site visits. This degree allows you to develop a wide range of skills in interpreting source materials and data related to ancient history, and teaches you how to ask the most important questions. With this qualification, you will be equipped for future work involving independent research skills, either in academia or beyond.

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Our MA in Ancient History is designed to give you a thorough training in the theories, methods, and concepts now shaping the study of the ancient world. You can also gain the skills of the ancient Greek or Latin linguist and the historian, through hands-on learning in the classroom and in museums and archives.

By taking your choice of optional modules, you will enhance your analytical skills and broaden your knowledge of ancient Mediterranean cultures including Greece, Rome and Egypt. All of these options are taught by friendly, internationally-recognised experts whose cutting-edge research informs their teaching. They will provide personalised supervision as you develop your own research specialisms.

On a campus overlooking the heart of Roman Canterbury, the Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies is advantageously situated just one hour by train from London’s British Museum and British Library. We are also the UK’s closest university to Europe, and less than two hours away is another capital city, Paris, with its Louvre Museum and Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Our nearness to these world-leading resources, combined with our own excellent laboratory and library collections, form an attractive setting for your research on a dissertation topic. In the summer term, one of our experts will guide you to explore your own interests in a substantial independent research project, using all the skills that you have gained during your 12 month Master's degree.

This is an ideal degree for graduates of History, Ancient History, Classics or the wider humanities, who want to engage intellectually with the ancient Mediterranean and develop the skills of an independent researcher. This course is also available part time (24 months).


Our MA programmes include much scope for vocational training, skills acquisition and guided project work, often with use of our extensive facilities. These aspects of our programmes have been praised by external assessors in recent years. Recent graduates have progressed to careers in a wide range of related professional and leadership areas, including national and local museums, teaching and senior roles with archaeological organisations (national government institutions, contracting units and trusts). A large proportion of completing Master’s students have progressed onto PhD study.

Course structure

Duration: 1 year full-time (part-time enrolment possible)


The following modules are indicative of those offered on this programme. This list is based on the current curriculum and may change year to year in response to new curriculum developments and innovation.  You may also have the option to take modules from other programmes so that you may customise your programme and explore other subject areas that interest you.

Compulsory modules currently include:

  • CL900 Research Skills in Ancient History

Optional modules may include:

  • CL898 Rome The Myth of the Eternal City
  • CL753 Advanced Greek Prose
  • CL757 Advanced Greek Verse
  • CL758 Advanced Latin Prose
  • CLAS8001 Current trends in Ancient Literature and Culture 
  • CLAS8002 Life and Society in the Ancient World
  • CLAS8003 New Debates in Roman Political and Social History
  • CLAS8004 Ancient Greek History: Evidence and Approaches
  • CL805 Contemporary Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Issues
  • CL807 Roman Archaeology: Northern Provinces of the Empire from their Iron Age
  • CL820 The Political, Social and Economic History of the Hellenistic World
  • CL821 Ancient Greek Sciences: Astronomy, Cosmology and Physics
  • CL828 Rome - The Imperial City
  • CL836 - Ancient History from Inscriptions

Optional modules in ancient languages:

  • CL359 Greek for Beginners 1
  • CL360 Greek for Beginners 2
  • CL364 Latin for Beginners 1
  • CL365 Latin for Beginners 2
  • CL755 Intermediate Greek 1
  • CL756 Intermediate Greek 2
  • CL760 Intermediate Latin 1
  • CL761 Intermediate Latin 2
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