Students extend their knowledge of the latest scientific and technical findings in the field of Building Constructions and. They are guided towards the performance of individual creative engineering work. Students also apply the knowledge acquired in courses in individually assigned engineering and technical tasks concerning the issues of Design of Building Constructions area. During the course, great emphasis is placed on independent and creative engineering work. Graduates are capable to independently solve specific problems and are thus prepared for their engineering career in the industry.

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The aim of the doctoral study program Building Constructions is to provide outstanding graduates of the master's program with specialized university education and scientific training in selected current areas of the field. The study is focused on complex scientific preparation, methodology of independent scientific work and on the development of knowledge in the field of the theory of building constructions. and construction, measuring and diagnostic methods, modeling of physical processes and tasks of building physics. The scientific preparation in this study program is based on mastering the initial theoretical disciplines of the natural science base and theoretical and scientific disciplines of the relevant focus.
Part of the study is also the involvement of students in the preparation and solution of national and international scientific research projects, presentation of results at national and international scientific and professional conferences and their publication in professional and scientific foreign and domestic journals. During his / her studies, the student gains new theoretical knowledge, his / her own experience from the preparation, implementation and evaluation of experiments and necessary practical knowledge also thanks to close cooperation with construction practice and also through foreign internships at cooperating foreign universities or research workplaces.
In the final phase of the study, the student synthesizes all theoretical knowledge gained as well as the results of his / her own creative work and elaborates his / her doctoral dissertation, which emphasizes the exactness and formulation of concrete benefits for further development of the studied field.


Graduates are capable to independently solve specific problems (complex engineering, technical and managerial problems in the construction industry), and are thus prepared for their engineering career in the industry. They are capable to implement comprehensive solutions to engineering problems.
As highly-qualified specialists, graduates are able to hold high engineering and managerial posts in the field.
They are able to manage complex technical or specialised activities or projects and take responsibility for their quality. They are also capable of taking responsibility for the specialised management of individuals and groups.

International students coming to Brno University of Technology for LPP/Erasmus placements are entitled to receive accommodation scholarship. They will receive decision on granting an accommodation scholarship for the entire period of their stay in the given calendar year.
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