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Developed in partnership with top global recruiters, the MiM-Masters in Management- at London Business School equips you with the critical business understanding, adaptive mind-set, international perspective and business-ready practical skills to hit the ground running. MiM employment statistics"Last year, 96% of our MiM graduates accepted an offer within three months of graduation, with 40% of these roles in the UK. Many of our students secure jobs in popular industries like consulting, financial services and technology; others branch out into diversified sectors such as energy and healthcare."

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Masters in Management at London Business school:

A masterclass in global business management

Launch your global career with a degree from one of the world's highest ranked business schools. Immerse yourself in a world of leading business minds and industry experts. Meet the demands of tomorrow's markets.

Developed in consultation with top recruiters, our Masters in Management builds the business-ready career skills to succeed in today's fast-paced global market.


Start your career on the right track.

Developed in extensive consultation with leading employers, the Masters in Management curriculum promotes the knowledge and skills leading companies demand.

Take advantage of our prime London location and unrivalled business links to become the best you can be.

    • Benefit from specific events like Early Careers Recruitment Evening, Tech and Startup Evening and Buy-side Networking Evening that support your global career

    • Experience a comprehensive career development programme, equipping you with the skills and confidence to effectively communicate your value to employers

  • Build a global alumni network to draw on throughout your career.

We know what employers are looking for

 --96% accepted an offer within three months of graduation

 --97% received an offer within three months of graduation

 --99% reporting rate

The scope, teaching and intensity of this programme make it a masterclass in business management.

Core courses. Gain a rigorous and analytical understanding in the techniques and frameworks of general management. Study core courses in Accounting, Economics, Financial Management, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership and Organisations, and Management Analysis Systems. Find out more.

Electives.Broaden your understanding of the business world through a diverse range of electives.

A wide range of scholarships for the Masters in Management programmes are available. Students are only eligible to receive one scholarship, and scholarships cannot be accumulated. Application deadlines vary, so it’s important to look into external funding early.
Cost of the master: Not declared
Scholarships available
Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, but don’t worry, iQ offers award-winning service to international students and we’ll be here to help you settle in every step of the way! We’ve got lots of international students living at all our sites so you won’t be alone either.You’ll have access to all our Social Hubs with comfy seating, big screen TVs (complete with Sky) and a pool table, table tennis table or table football. The Social Hubs are a great place to meet friends when you move in.Each iQ has a full social calendar with events to suit everyone, from movies nights to pool tournaments and pub quizzes to pub crawls.
  • Tutoring
  • Laboratories
  • Wifi access
  • Disability services
  • Housing capacity 1000
  • Sport activities
  • Cultural activities
We understand what recruiters are looking for. Our programs have been developed in extensive consultation with leading recruiters and the curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills top-flight employers demand. You also benefit from specific events to support global careers. Career Services creates and delivers a comprehensive career development programme to enable you to communicate your value, with impact, to potential employers. Global companies come on campus throughout the year to recruit our talent; termly recruitment fairs give you the chance to network with a wide range of companies.

  • Multimedia resources: links/e-books
  • Assessment tool (strenghts, weaknesses, attitude etc.)
  • Start-up support and mentoring
  • Careerday
  • Careerday per area (finance, HR, etc.)
  • Orientation seminars
  • In-company training
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                  The MiM Student Experience | London Business School

                  The MiM Student Experience | London Business School

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