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Why study Physics (EuroMasters) MSc at Queen Mary University of London?Physics is essential to our understanding of how the universe works: from the behaviour of fundamental particles to the movement of the stars and planets. Theory and experiment are vital to developing answers to questions about the universe and the fundamental nature of matter, energy, space and time.This programme benefits from teaching across the SEPnet partner institutions, with a strong emphasis on research-based learning. You will deepen your understanding of a chosen branch of contemporary physics or astrophysics, covering a wide variety of themes at the forefront of both fundamental and applied physics research.

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What you'll study in  Physics (EuroMasters) MSc at Queen Mary University of London

You’ll deepen your understanding of your specialism (either physics or astrophysics) in your first year by choosing modules from a wide variety of topics at the forefront of fundamental and applied physics research. This is a highly flexible programme that can be tailored to your specialist interests as you develop them - you will be able to choose modules in a variety of study areas offered by the School, including growth areas such as Machine Learning.

You can view the full list of modules available on each pathway below:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Astrophysics

In your second year, you’ll join one of our research groups - which may include working in a research laboratory such as CERN or RAL. We’ll put you in contact with a member of that research group to decide your precise research topic before you arrive. We have four main research centres:

  • Particle Physics Research Centre
  • Centre for Theoretical Physics
  • Centre for Condensed Matter Physics
  • Astronomy Unit

This programme is available within the South East Physics university network (SEPnet) - and can be studied through any of the universities within the network, or through two of the universities. This means you can apply to spend your first or second year with Queen Mary or to spend both years with us. The Institute where you spend your second year will award your EuroMasters degree. State your preferred combination in your application.


This programme is recognised by European employers and is accepted by the European Credit Transfer Accumulation System (ECTS) –  so you can take up a career in physics or study for a PhD in many different countries. ECTS has been adopted by most of the countries in the European Higher Education Area as the national credit system and is increasingly used elsewhere.

We have an excellent track record in preparing students for PhD places at high-ranking institutions. Our graduates have gone on to pursue PhD study at institutions including:

  • Plasmonics, King’s College London
  • Stony Brook University, New York
  • University of Oxford
  • University College London

Recent graduates of our MSc programmes have also gone on to positions in the industry such as:

  • Business and data analyst
  • Consultant
  • Data scientist
  • Programming analyst

The programme consists of taught modules and an in-depth research project, leaving you well prepared for further doctoral-level study and research. There are two pathways in the programme: Physics and Astrophysics.

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