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The International Liaison and Communication MA at University of Westminster i will prepare you for a career or further academic study in international liaison and communication.It will be invaluable if you're working in a role such as bilingual liaison officer, or for organisations such as international agencies, NGOs, INGOs, embassies, or the international section of enterprises.

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Our International Liaison and Communication MA at University of Westminster is a dynamic, pioneering interdisciplinary course which meets the global demand for greater professionalism in interpersonal and inter-institutional bilingual communication. We focus on enhancing your skills as a communicator and facilitator of communication. This can be as an advocate, as a mediator, communication strategist, intermediary or communication facilitator. Grounded in the latest international communications theories and using real-life simulations, you'll learn to locate and analyse resources, pre-empt communications challenges and develop strategies to overcome obstacles to successful interaction.

The course will enrich your knowledge and application of the key models of international communication, information handling and presentation in a range of contexts from the field of public diplomacy to international media, intelligence, business and international NGOs. It will also enhance your competencies in handling information across and between languages and cultures, in various professional settings. You'll have the training and preparation to make significant contributions in your chosen profession.

The MA is for you if you have high-level bilingual competence and experience in mediation between peoples from different cultural backgrounds. Applicants to this course typically come from fields such as language studies, translation and interpreting, social work, teaching, journalism and other areas of the media, as well as from public office.


Job roles

This course will prepare you for a variety of roles, including:

  • Community manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Immigration consultant
  • International web governance manager
  • Media and public relations specialist
  • National child safeguarding policy coordinator
  • Senior policy researcher
  • Social media officer
  • Stakeholder coordinator

Graduate employers

Graduates from this course have found employment at organisations including:

  • Bloomberg
  • CropLife Europe, Belgium
  • European Union
  • Haymarket Media Group
  • International Development Law Organisation, Italy
  • JD Decaux, France
  • Kongsberg Automotive, Switzerland
  • Médecins Sans Frontières, Germany
  • Polish Embassy
  • Save the Cut, Italy
  • Sos Enfants, Belgium
  • United Nations

The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course.

You will take four core modules, three of which are taught and the fourth is research based. Theories and Practices of Global Communication covers the key underpinning knowledge and analytical tools for the programme as well as your abilities as a presenter of information. International Liaison focuses on your practical communication competences. Intercultural Communication provides you with insights into the influences of culture in all its forms on communication. In the research component you have the choice of an MA Thesis (the Dissertation module), conducting research into a topic of your choice, or a Professional Project where you apply your knowledge and expertise to creating a communication strategy. In both you are required to demonstrate research competence at Masters level. You then have the choice of three option modules to complete the MA.


  • Applicants with a Laurea Specialista, Diploma di Laurea, Corso di Laurea (prior to 1999), Licenza di Accademia di Belle Arti, Bachelors, Diploma Universitario with a minimum overall degree score of 90 can be considered for a relevant Masters programme.  
  • Exceptionally, consideration will be given to mature applicants who lack standard qualifications but have significant professional or managerial experience in a programme-related post.
Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
The University offers a number of full tuition fee scholarships for UK/EU students.Visit the website for more information
Cost of the master: Not declared
Scholarships available
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