MSc in Marketing French Excellence (Rouen) Neoma Business School

The programme MSc Marketing French Excellence at neoma Business School, awarding an advanced higher-education degree in international management (DESSMI) provides the skills to: -- Perform a functional analysis and implement an action plan that incorporates digital, sustainable and international components --Conduct a scientific study and issue a recommendation --Develop ethical leadership abilities to strengthen one’s manager posture

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Programme objectives

The programme uses examples from global industries where France excels to teach advanced marketing theory and techniques.

The MSc Marketing French Excellence at Neoma Business school prepares students for a career in international marketing by:

  • Focusing on French centres of excellence as benchmarks for developing wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of France’s outstanding position in international marketing.
  • Analysing in detail marketing strategy and tactics in different French industries to develop distinctive applicable techniques.
  • Providing managerial and operational skills needed to excel in the world of international marketing.
  • Studying recent developments in French academic research and practical problem-solving to develop the ability to adapt and innovate in real time.


Targeted professions

A few of the possible jobs that students can aim for:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Marketing Operations Manager

Professional experience

This experience can take the form of an internship (4-6 months), a job, or the creation of a start-up company in France or abroad.

Practical information

  • Format: Full time

  • Duration:

    Short track : 15 months
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : 12 months (1st year) + 15 months (2nd year)

  • Tuition fees:

    Short track : €16,900
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : €26,400

  • Campus: Rouen

  • Teaching language: English

  • Entry level:

    Short track : 4-year Bachelor’s degree
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : 3-year Bachelor’s degree

  • Degree awarded:

    Master of Science / "Grade de Master" / RNCP Registered Level 7 Qualification

  • Degree awarded:

    Master of Science, "Grade de Master" / Level 7 Qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 35116, Advanced degree in international management

Evaluation procedures

The programme is recognised through a dual validation:

  • Ongoing assessment: evaluations conducted throughout the length of the programme in the form of individual or collective reports to be submitted
  • A final evaluation: performed at the end of the course, it can be done under different forms – it is, for the most part, individual

At the end of the programme, the programme participants have to validate 60 ECTS credits.

If some modules were not validated and thus no credits were earned, the programme participant can redo the evaluation during a period set up for this purpose.

Critères d'évaluation des demandes:
  • Examen
  • Entry level:

    Short track : 4-year Bachelor’s degree or 3 year-Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 1 year professional experience
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : 3-year Bachelor’s degree

Conditions d'admission:
  • Bac+3
  • Qualification équivalente
  • Expérience de travail précédente
Coût du Master: Non révélé
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        MSc in Marketing French Excellence (Rouen)

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