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Why study Computing and Information Systems MSc at Queen Mary University of London?Guided by academics with a wealth of industrial experience, this programme develops your knowledge and practical technical development skills by providing extensive training in the subjects at the heart of computing, including object-oriented programming (using Java), database systems, and information systems (covering system design, networking and computer architecture). you will be able to extend your areas of technical expertise to specialist areas by choosing from a variety of option modules, such as mobile devices and social networks, business technology strategy and graphical user interface design.

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What you'll study in Computing and Information Systems MSc at Queen Mary University of London.

You will gain a solid background in computer information systems, beginning with a double module on the topic. You will learn about databases, computer programming, security and authentication and interactive systems design. You can then build on this knowledge with modules covering mobile services and cloud computing, as well as Bayesian decision and risk analysis.

You can choose to specialise in systems or technology strategy, and to consolidate your studies through your final major project, which can be completed in with an industrial partner.

The School has collaborations, partnerships, industrial placement schemes and public engagement programmes with organisations, including Vodafone, Google, IBM, BT, NASA, BBC and Microsoft.

This programme has been accredited on behalf of the Engineering Council and a suffix "EngC Pathway" will be added to the degree title when a student satisfies the accreditation requirements.

Progression and award requirements for an accredited MSc are stricter than these requirements for a standard QMUL degree. If a student does not satisfy the accreditation requirements, but does satisfy the requirements for a standard QMUL degree, the "EngC Pathway" suffix will not be added.


The broad range of skills gained through programmes in this School, coupled with multiple opportunities for extra-curricular activities and work experience, has enabled postgraduates to move into roles such as:

  • Revenue analyst
  • Databases assistant manager
  • Software developer
  • Associate project manager/content manager
  • Senior executive officer for social media
  • Business analyst
  • Lecturer
  • Business development manager.

In organisations such as:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • HP
  • BNP Paribas
  • King Faisal University (Saudi Arabia)
  • Tribal Worldwide
  • miiCard
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Sonaras State Justice Department
  • Aegis Meida Company
  • The Brooke
  • Global Citizen Realty
  • Poq Studio.
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