MSc International Business (with Marketing or Finance Pathways) Canterbury Christ Church University

MSc International Business at Canterbury Christ Church University is more academically driven with a focus on critical reasoning related to the international, research-driven context of complex multinational management issues. It refines overarching management competencies with an emphasis on building international business skills. It also offers an opportunity of academic career progression towards academic development. i.e. continuation towards Phd degree. MBA International caters for students who are looking for a more applied employability boost, through transformational program that encourages you to grow both personally and professionally. The MBA has a more problem-solving based approach to learning and teaching. Both assessments are rooted in authentic and practical workplace scenarios, aimed at enabling the integration of theory and practice in more dynamic real-world contexts that help you to use your acquired knowledge.

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The overall aim of the MSc International Business is to educate individuals as managers and business specialists in preparation for effective roles in the international business arena, or for further research.

The focus of Canterbury Christ Church University's MSc International Business course is on the development of the whole person in acquiring the skills and attributes necessary for the leaders, entrepreneurs and policy-makers of tomorrow in management, strategy and decision-making and communication. It also equips you with marketable analytical skills and personal attributes required for a career in the modern international business world. Graduates can also engage in further research on an MPhil/PhD programme.

As we enter a period of dramatic economic and political change, there has never been a more exciting time to study international business. Today’s businesses operate in a dynamic global business environment in which managers have to deal with rapidly changing markets and a climate of high uncertainty.

These challenges call for new skills and new thinking as businesses strive to reinvent themselves. The MSc International Business has been carefully crafted to reflect the complex, dynamic and multifaceted character of this contemporary subject area.

This course is ideal for UK students who want to develop their knowledge of business and management in an international context. It is also a frequent choice for both EU and international students due to the cross-cutting themes in marketing, strategy, finance, human resources and career development.


This course is heavily oriented towards international business landscape. All graduates will be able to demonstrate range of skills and techniques specific to the international business. Upon completion you will have good theoretical understanding of the broad area of international business. It will allow you to challenge preconceptions and give you the opportunity to analyse business environment more holistically. You will develop particular skills in international business case study analysis and will be able to create interdisciplinary links with inter-cultural perspectives.

Many of our graduates will leave to pursue careers in management consultancy, as well as work in retailing, manufacturing and services. With a strong emphasis on the development of employment skills, graduates go on to pursue various careers in business, management or policymaking. Graduates from this course often engage in further research on the MPhil/PhD programme. We actively ensure that the curriculum responds proactively to your needs and your community of practice to support success in your future professional roles.

The MSc International Business has been carefully crafted to reflect the complex, dynamic, and multifaceted character of work-related learning and international business. This course offers comprehensive, conceptual knowledge and a practical understanding of the key subject areas within international business subjects. It has immediate relevance and application in the current market with the focus on developing and educating individuals as managers and business specialists in preparation for effective roles in the international business arena and for further progression in specialist research. It offers a holistic view of international business management challenges and innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving and decision-making. Through the blended learning methods, expertise-driven insights, as well as a clear commitment to guiding and supporting student and employability development at the postgraduate level.

All of the modules on this course have been carefully crafted in a concise and comprehensive fashion to prepare you for future employment or further research. You will study seven compulsory 20 credits modules. The course is completed by 40 credit dissertation in term 3 that provides an opportunity for you to set yourself apart and demonstrate to potential employers a high level of thinking in relation to strategic trends and issues facing modern businesses.

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        MSc International Business (with Marketing or Finance Pathways)

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