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The International Master in Cybersecurity Management at POLIMI Graduate School of Management is the innovative program which aims to prepare students for a leadership role that strengthens organizations by understanding cybersecurity risks, the potential impacts on business and possible countermeasures.Since our world is going through extraordinary change, we are looking for a new generation of innovators who will be able to help pave the way for the future. That’s why we’ve created three program under the heading of Digital Transformation that will allow you to attend courses that comprise modules of a collective-interest nature while specializing in one of the topics below:International Master in Digital Innovation and New Business DesignInternational Master in Smart Operations and Industry 4.0International Master in Cybersecurity Management

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Our International Master in Cybersecurity Management aims to train you for a leadership role that strengthens companies by understanding cybersecurity risks, their impact, and the possible countermeasures, with important insights regarding governance, compliance and regulatory issues. Through experiential learning, case study analysis and seminars taught by expert faculty members, you will be able to build key management skills for modern corporate cybersecurity planning for both consultancy and corporate firms.

Start date: October
Format: Full-time
Duration: 12 months
Language: English
Location: POLIMI Graduate School of Management (Milan, Italy)
Admission requirements: 3-year bachelor’s degree (minimum 180 ECTS) in STEM disciplines; English proficiency
Educational partners: Barilla, Engeneering, IBM, Pwc, SETA, Bip


Our International Master in Cybersecurity Management trains you to be able to increase your awareness of the wide spectrum of subjects in the cybersecurity area.


By attending our International Master in Cybersecurity Management you will be able to engage with practitioners right from the start. Our programme, which has been developed and taught in collaboration with BIP and Seta, will give you the chance to work on real-life challenges from the get-go of the Master.


Our Master is a concentrated and specialised learning experience that aims to develop your skills through a hands-on approach. With a practice-oriented learning journey, our Master is characterised by our close links with companies sharing their field experience on the cybersecurity sector.


Be part of a programme that will allow you to discover the basics of digital transformation while applying them to the main Cybersecurity Management pillars. You will be able to study relevant topics while attending classes with participants of other Masters courses.

Moreover, by becoming part of our School you will:

Be in direct contact with innovation and digital transformation due to our network that includes over 370 research centres, PoliHub – the Politecnico di Milano incubator – and over 40 observatories.

Participate in networking moments with alumni, headhunters, and companies that will give you an insight regarding the market needs required to become a future leader.

Be able to develop your professional career with the assistance of our Career Development Centre. In the academic year 2021-2022, an 83% rate of Employability within the all the Specialising Master’s was accomplished three months after the end of teaching activities.

Our International Master in Cybersecurity Management is a 12-month Master programme offered by POLIMI Graduate School of Management. .


The programme will start in October and be divided as follows:

Get a strong basis in strategy, organisation, project management and corporate finance.

You will have the chance to explore courses in Digital Transformation that will allow you to acquire knowledge of Digital Business Strategy, Digital Infrastructure and Information Systems and Enterprise Applications.

You will be able to explore the governance of cybersecurity, the threats coming from cyberspace, the defensive methods, standards and best practices of cybersecurity, and how to approach a cybersecurity risk analysis by identifying priorities and setting up a remediation plan.

Moreover, throughout the verticals you will be able to gain knowledge of the regulations concerning cybersecurity and privacy, understand and monitor the incident response process, while also going in depth into the best practices for protecting operational technology.


You will need to accomplish and present an academic or company-based project in the form of a short thesis or describe the project you have developed in partnership with one or more companies.

LEADERSHIP & MANAGERIAL SKILLS The Master will give you the opportunity to acquire and develop leadership and managerial skills through dedicated modules such as: Negotiation, Effective Communication, Leadership and Team Dynamics. MASTER YOUR GROWTH You will have the chance to try out a series of activities aimed at boosting your business networking opportunities, discovering the business world and enhancing your skills as a future professional.

  • Internationale Klasse
  • Internationale Lehrer
  • Fremdsprachenunterricht 100%
  • Studienreise im Ausland
  • Prägenden Praktikum im Ausland
  • Ausbildung bei internationalen Unternehmen
  • Kursbesuch an ausländischen Standorten
  • Frage ausländischer Qualifikationen
Kriterien für die Bewertung der Anträge:
  • Bewertung von cv
  • Motivationsschreiben
  • Referenzen
  • Test und/oder Sprache-interview
  • Motivierende interview
Voraussetzungen für die Zulassung:
  • Bachelor-Abschluss
  • Gleichwertige Qualifikation
  • Absolventen
Beitrag zur Auswahl: JA
Maximale Anzahl der Studienplätze: 30
Kosten für den Master: 19000 MWSt befreit
  • Nachhilfe
  • Labor
  • WiFi-Zugang
  • Behinderte Zugänglichkeit
  • Kantine/Essensgutscheine
  • Sportliche Aktivitäten
  • Kulturelle Aktivitäten

  • Job-Angebot
  • Buch- und/oder Datenbank der Absolventen
  • Multimedia-Ressourcen: Links / E-Bücher
  • Assessment-Tool (Stärken, Schwächen, Haltung etc.)
  • CV senden
  • Internationale Perspektiven
  • Unternehmen Präsentationen
  • Careerday
  • CareerDay pro Fläche (Finanzen, HR, etc.)
  • Unterstützung in CV schriftlich
  • Identifizierung von Unternehmen für Praktika
  • Orientierungsseminare
  • In der betrieblichen Ausbildung
  • Jobsuche Technik
  • Interviewvorbereitung
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