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The International Part Time MBA is the 20-month program taught entirely in English of POLIMI Graduate School of Management designed for talented professionals who want to acquire top managerial skills without interrupting their career.

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The MBA is the cornerstone of our Business School and aims to train future leaders of the most prominent companies to prepare them to take on important responsibilities and to be able to overcome future issues surrounding sustainability, innovation and digitalisation.

Our International Part-Time MBA has been devised for students who are looking to develop the skills and capabilities to achieve a leading role within an organisation without interrupting their day jobs. Our programme is designed to be an experiential lab for curious and talented minds: ours is an experiential MBA.

Start date: October 2024
Format: Part time
Duration: 20 months
Teaching language: English
Location: POLIMI Graduate School of Management (Milan, Italy) + 2 International Weeks and international exchange opportunities
Required qualification: at least 3 years of work experience ideally in international environments.
Contributions and low-interest loans available


The program allows the flexibility to learn without having to leave your job and personal commitments behind. The Part Time format allows students, coming from all around Italy and Europe, to apply their newly-acquired knowledge and skills immediately within the workplace, creating an immediate benefit for themselves and for their companies.


The POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s Career Development Programme will support you in the enhancement of career-related skills and facilitate the professional decision-making process to help you find the right balance between emotions and rationality in achieving your career goals.

As an International Part-Time MBA student, you will have access to:


The current job market is ever-changing, complex and highly competitive, so we’ve designed some careers workshops to support you in developing the skills you’ll need to succeed. Through dedicated sessions and workshops, you will be able to strengthen the career skills useful for responsible and sustainable management.

You will be able to participate in customised meetings dedicated to defining your professional goal and building an action plan related and functional to achieving that goal.

You’ll get the chance to have close contact with the business world, as the Career Development Centre has a longstanding, mutually rewarding relationship with many industry leaders in today’s global marketplace.

As an International Part-Time MBA student, you will be attending networking events in order to connect with businesses and executives. These include round tables, careers talks, etc, and can also be attended via streaming or recordings when those options are available.

Discover more about the services of our Career Development Programme and our Corporate Network

The format of the International Part Time MBA allows you to organize your studies around your personal and professional life, for this reason we have designed your Learning Journey as it follows:

The face-to-face classes will be structured as follows: on Fridays and Saturdays classes will start at 9 a.m. and will be carried out until 7 p.m.
Every week you will watch an average of two hours of videoclips to set your competences as to acquire the basics of each discipline
One weekend per month you will have two days face-to-face lectures combined with multimedia content classes


With our Core Courses you will learn the interpretative frameworks and tools needed by today’s leader so as to gain an overview of the company and understand the direction needed in the future. The Core Courses are divided in four main pillars:

Understanding Complexity
Effective Decision-Making
Working with People
Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The International Part-Time MBA includes two full weeks organised face-to-face in international cities in collaboration with other top-ranking business schools in Europe. We offer you the opportunity to enrich your path through Doing Business In and Exchange Programmes, international experiences in collaboration with other business schools and partner organisations.


These sessions aim to address one of the key needs that managers face nowadays: being able to use one’s humanity as an element of strength.


The programme is concluded by putting your Purpose into action with a choice of several forms of Project Work, which can be executed either individually or as a group.


Throughout your Master you will be able to access a range of services offered by the Politecnico di Milano Digital Innovation Observatories.

  • Internationale Klasse
  • Internationale Lehrer
  • Fremdsprachenunterricht 100%
  • Studienreise im Ausland
  • Kursbesuch an ausländischen Standorten
Kriterien für die Bewertung der Anträge:
  • Bewertung von cv
  • Motivationsschreiben
  • Referenzen
  • Bewertung des Portfolios
  • Test und/oder Sprache-interview
  • Prüfung
  • Motivierende interview
Voraussetzungen für die Zulassung:
  • Bachelor-Abschluss
  • Gleichwertige Qualifikation
  • Absolventen
  • Professionals
  • Manager
  • Frühere berufliche Tätigkeiten
Beitrag zur Auswahl: JA
Maximale Anzahl der Studienplätze: 30
Kosten für den Master: 40000 MWSt befreit
  • Nachhilfe
  • Labor
  • WiFi-Zugang
  • Behinderte Zugänglichkeit
  • Kantine/Essensgutscheine
  • Sportliche Aktivitäten
  • Kulturelle Aktivitäten
MIP Career Development Office (CDO) is one-of-a-kind and is dedicated to providing a highly personalized service to each MBA student. The CDO provides guidance and assistance so as to best prepare the candidate for the recruitment process with the MBA Partner Companies as well as all the companies of our network. The CDO’s goal is to provide the MBA students with the right opportunities to grow their post-MBA career

  • Job-Angebot
  • Buch- und/oder Datenbank der Absolventen
  • Umfragen über Alumni Karriere
  • Multimedia-Ressourcen: Links / E-Bücher
  • Eigenes Büro
  • Assessment-Tool (Stärken, Schwächen, Haltung etc.)
  • Start-up-Unterstützung und Betreuung
  • CV senden
  • Feedback zu überwachen
  • Internationale Perspektiven
  • Careerday
  • Unterstützung in CV schriftlich
  • Orientierungsseminare
  • In der betrieblichen Ausbildung
  • Jobsuche Technik
  • Interviewvorbereitung
  • Coaching in Kontakte zu Unternehmen
Aktivitäten der Alumni-Gemeinschaft:
  • Verein Ex-Alumni
  • Präsenz in social network
  • Treffen mit Alumni
  • Roundtables
  • Wiedervereinigungen
  • Umfragen
  • Lebenslanges Mailings
  • Mitteilungsblatt
  • Blog/Forums
  • Verzeichnis der Alumni
  • Geschäfts-und Sportverein
  • Konventionen für Kurse für Führungskräfte
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