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The programme is designed to enhance the anatomical knowledge of those looking to work in the professions allied to medicine, including radiography, physiotherapy and sports science.Our online learning technology is fully interactive, award-winning and enables you to communicate with our highly qualified teaching staff from your own home or working environment.Our online students not only have access to the University’s excellent resources, but also become part of a supportive online community, bringing together students and tutors from around the world.

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The Anatomical Sciences programme is a unique opportunity for students who want to explore aspects of human anatomy through the flexibility of an online learning programme.

This is a postgraduate level qualification for medical, biomedical, allied health professionals and those in holistic practice with an interest in human anatomy. The programme draws upon the highly regarded teaching and research staff within the University.

Our programme in Anatomical Sciences is delivered entirely online and consequently relies on the use of IT, for example through the use of email, audio visual material, discussion forums and various other interactive resources. All of our courses use innovative teaching methods to provide students with key transferable skills in addition to a solid foundation of anatomical knowledge.

Our online learning system lets you work entirely from your own home location. This will enhance your learning experience and working knowledge while rewarding you with a highly regarded qualification.


This programme has been designed not only to help you gain a highly regarded qualification, but also to provide you with a set of major transferable skills, which will be relevant to your current career, further study or simply increase your long-term career prospects.

We have a variety of flexible study options available to undertake a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma  in Anatomical Sciences.

PG Certificate (1 year part-time, 2-years intermittent study)

Courses include:

  • Fundamental Human Anatomy 1 - including the upper and lower limbs, back and pelvis
  • Fundamental Human Anatomy 2 - including thorax, abdomen, head and neck
  • Embryology - human development
  • Neuroanatomy - nervous system

PG Diploma (2 years part-time, 4 years intermittent study)

In addition to completing all the Certificate courses in Year 1, you will extend your anatomical knowledge with courses in:

  • Advanced Human Anatomy 1 - more detailed study of anatomy previously examined incorporating anatomical principles
  • Advanced Human Anatomy 2
  • Histology - microscopic anatomy

And course options in:

  • Imaging - modalities that are relevant to anatomical sciences
  • Reflections in Professional Development
  • Visualising Human Anatomy – understanding visualisation techniques in relation to anatomy education and the relationship of art and anatomy
  • Artificial Organs – examining how anatomy can be replicated using bioengineering techniques

Each of the taught courses has a set of modules that are released to students on a timed basis from our virtual learning environment.

A typical module structure consists of:

  • a recorded lecture to introduce the topic
  • interactive content (video/animated/narrative)
  • a set of resource links to course reading - library and research
  • a discussion board facilitated by a tutor
  • a set of questions (MCQs) which students can take at the end of each section - these are formative and do not contribute to the final mark

Flexible study

The programme also offers the opportunity to take a Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits), either part-time over 9 months or on an intermittent basis over 2 years; or a Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits), either part-time over 21 months or on an intermittent basis over 4 years.

To study at postgraduate level, you must normally hold a degree in an appropriate subject, with an excellent or very good classification (equivalent to first or upper second class honours in the UK).

We may also accept equivalent qualifications or work experience.

Specific entry requirements vary between degree programmes and you should confirm you have the necessary qualifications before applying.

You will find the minimum academic entry requirements and more details on your chosen programme in our website.

Voraussetzungen für die Zulassung:
  • Bachelor-Abschluss
  • Gleichwertige Qualifikation
For information on fees for all of our programmes, please visit the Scholarships and Student Funding Services area of our website.
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