MSc in Marketing French Excellence (Rouen) Neoma Business School

5 good reasons to join the programme: - Focus on French centres of excellence as benchmarks for developing wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of France’s outstanding position in international marketing - Analyse the marketing strategy and tactics of different French industries to develop distinctive applicable techniques -Develop the managerial and operational skills required to excel in the world of international marketing -Gain a unique insight in the world of fashion in collaboration with ESMOD Fashion Business - Study recent developments in French academic research and practical problem-solving to develop the ability to adapt and innovate in real time

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Programme presentation

France occupies a unique position, excelling in cultural diversity, scientific endeavours, hospitality and business acumen. The programme uses examples from global industries where France excels to teach advanced marketing theory and techniques.

The curriculum also includes a dissertation and a programme focused on accruing professional experience.

It provides a unique challenging experience for students while maximising their opportunities for long-term personal and career development.


Targeted professions

A few of the possible jobs that students can aim for:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Marketing Operations Manager

Professional experience

This experience can take the form of an internship (4-6 months), a job, or the creation of a start-up company in France or abroad.

Practical information

  • Format: Full time

  • Duration:

    Short track : 15 months
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : 12 months (1st year) + 15 months (2nd year)

  • Tuition fees:

    Short track : €16,900
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : €26,400

  • Campus: Rouen

  • Teaching language: English

  • Course start date:

    October 2021 / January 2022

  • Entry level:

    Short track : 4-year Bachelor’s degree
    Long track (2-year MSc option) : 3-year Bachelor’s degree

  • Degree awarded:

    Master of Science / "Grade de Master" / RNCP Registered Level 7 Qualification

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        MSc in Marketing French Excellence (Rouen)

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