Creative Arts and Mental Health MSc Queen Mary University of London

The MSc in Creative Arts and Mental Health at Queen Mary University of London addresses what has become a significant need in the field by offering an innovative interdisciplinary approach to Creative Arts and Mental Health. Its primary artistic focus is on Theatre and Performance as both a critical and therapeutic tool but students may wish to examine relationships between mental health sciences and a range of cultural practices. Core subjects include clinical assessment and research methods in the field of mental health science, and the history, theory and practice of performance about mental health and illness.

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This Creative Arts and Mental Health MSc programme at Queen Mary University of London considers both the arts and science perspectives. Study the history, theory and practice of performance in relation to all aspects of mental health promotion and the prevention and treatment of mental illness.

You will be encouraged to consider how the creative arts can be used to think critically about concepts and experiences of mental health and the mental health system. You will consider ways of engaging the public with these concerns. You will undertake a critical analysis of the scientific method(s) of mental health research and practice and explore the use of arts-based research, evaluation and dissemination methods.

The course is not clinical, therefore you will not leave with a clinical accreditation in mental health practice or art therapy. Rather, the course is based on practice, research and critical thinking. You will be encouraged to develop your own specialist interest in relation to the arts and mental health, whether you come from an arts or a science background.

We aim to develop genuine best practices for better, more effective collaborations among arts practitioners, healthcare practitioners and patients, so we can best serve the interests of all within mental health and social care systems.


Some students already hold qualifications in art or drama therapy, are practicing artists, or work elsewhere in mental health. For them, the programme offers an opportunity to expand their knowledge base, develop their practice, meet a variety of other professionals working in related fields and further their careers

Other students have used the MSc as a stepping stone to entering a career in education, mental health practice or to pursue postgraduate research/doctoral training in either art or mental health.

Recent graduates work in:

  • teaching and education
  • art
  • research
  • mental health.
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