Meilleurs Master Sciences MĂ©dicales


Master programs and postgraduate courses in medical sciences affecting graduates in medicine who want to attend a program of specialization on a specific field of medicine. Boys and girls who become students of these courses follow a path of perfection that will lead them to a career in medicine, nursing, psychology, and more generally linked to health care. Students coming almost exclusively from the faculty of medicine and who wish to complete their postgraduate training with a master's degree in medical sciences that can vary from surgery to psychology, from dentistry to health care. In addition to a practicum at hospitals, private hospitals or clinics, graduates enrolled in a course or master's degree in medical sciences can count on teachers coming straight from the world of work, department managers, doctors, medical experts and specialists in various disciplines related to medicine.

  • Area: Sciences MĂ©dicales

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The International Master in business Analytics & Big Data is the 12-month programme designed to train a new generation of data-savvy professionals to be able to manage complex business analytics problems across a variety of different industries and environments

POLIMI Graduate School of Management
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  • DĂ©part  Milan - Italie  - 1 oct. 2024

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