MBA - Master of Business Administration - Gestion Des AffairesTemps partiel, Durée : 7-12 mois


MBAs or masters of business administration are postgraduate courses for graduates and young professionals interested in a career as a manager. It is specialization paths for boys and girls, men and women who are already working but with leadership ambitions. MBA students seek expertise related to human resource management, leadership and strategic vision.

Graduates and young professionals that follow a master's degree in executive management aspire to roles of manager of companies, rather than institutions and agencies related to public administration and non-profit organizations. Boys and girls are trained with these postgraduate programs in business management of sales, international business, trade, e-commerce and large distribution or GDO

Master programs part time are meant for graduates and young professionals who would like to specialize with a postgraduate course, however, do not intend to give up work. This part timeattendance is widely used by students, men and women with a career already started thanks to the lessons of half a day or a  vertical structure

Graduates and professionals who choose master programs or postgraduate courses with duration between seven and twelve months are willing to invest up to one year to complete their education after graduation, bachelor's or master's degee. They are usually young men and women who decide to follow these paths to perfect their skills.

Belgian Italian Chamber of Commerce

International Master in European Studies

This is an International post-graduate Master. It is an intensive, full-time programme. This Master aims to provide the students with deep knowledge of European institutions, policies and fundings.

  • Typologie: MBA

  • Area: Gestion Des Affaires

  • Fréquence: Temps partiel

  • Durée : 7-12 mois

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