International Master in Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility POLIMI Graduate School of Management

The International Master in Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility is the 12-month programme that aims to provide students with the skills to contribute to the goal of sustainable development and to successfully face the challenges related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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With this Master, you will learn how to manage a sustainable company from the fundamentals: starting from the overarching questions of why a company should be sustainable, working through the main changes needed in order to manage a sustainable company, right up to a sustainable function. You will also learn how to manage sustainability projects from a strategic, entrepreneurial, organisational and technological perspective.

The above courses comprise modules of a collective-interest nature, during which students will together study topics relevant to the overall theme of sustainability; after this they diverge, each offering modules specific to the relevant subject area.

Start date: October 2024
Format: Full-time
Duration: 12 months
Language: English
Location: POLIMI Graduate School of Management (Milan, Italy)
Admission requirements: 3-year bachelor’s degree; English proficiency
Partners: Crédit Agricole Vita, Esselunga, Ernst & Young, Juventus, L'Oréal Italia, Vodafone


Sustainability is the biggest challenge of our times: companies are not fully equipped with managers and leaders able to guide this change. To understand why a company should be sustainable as well as addressing the main changes to implement to manage a sustainable company, it is fundamental to develop specific hard and soft skills for professional development in the field.
The sustainability trend opens up great business opportunities for both incumbent companies and newcomers, such as startups. This Master provides a strongly experiential, smart learning and project-based approach, with an extensive use of real case studies and innovative teaching methods through the interaction with startups and experts by PoliHub – the Innovation Park & Start-Up Accelerator of Politecnico di Milano.
In the future, more and more CSR-centric jobs will be created. As CSR grows more central to business operations, dedicated roles will be needed to make sure organisations track and achieve their goals. The direct involvement of partner companies as well as the interaction with academics and professionals dealing with sustainability, ensures a hands-on approach and experiential opportunities.


Graduates of our previous editions are now working in leading companies such as


30% Consulting
20% Energy
20% Banking, Financial Services, Insurance
20% Retail
10% Real Estate


Our partner companies will not simply support but will also help to run the programme: they will design the content with our faculty and bring their direct experience to the class, proposing real cases to discuss during the sessions.

This Master offers innovative teaching and learning approaches and is divided into the following blocks: general content, specialised content and the final Project Work. For you, we have designed standard in-class lectures, videos, and digital content, but also formats that create a very active environment and opportunities for discussion and the sharing of information, such as teamwork, workshops, simulations and case studies.

Your path will be divided as follows:

General Management Courses (online)

Pillar I: Why a sustainable company?

Pillar II: How to manage a sustainable company

Pillar III: How to manage a sustainable function

Pillar IV: Implementing sustainability strategy

You will need to accomplish and present an academic or company-based project in the form of a short thesis or describe the project you have developed in partnership with one or more companies.


The Master will give you the opportunity to acquire and develop leadership and managerial skills through dedicated modules such as: Negotiation, Effective Communication, Leadership and Team Dynamics.


You will have the chance to try out a series of activities aimed at boosting your business networking opportunities, discovering the business world and enhancing your skills as a future professional.


Throughout your Master you will be able to access a range of services offered by the Politecnico di Milano Digital Innovation Observatories. Moreover, you will also be able to access a language platform to improve your knowledge of the Italian language, which is essential for your learning and training process.

  • Classe internationale
  • Internationales d'enseignants
  • Cours de langue étrangère 100%
  • Voyage d'étude à l'étranger
  • Stage formative à l'étranger
  • Formation dans les entreprises internationales
  • La présence aux cours à des endroits étrangers
  • Question des diplômes étrangers
Critères d'évaluation des demandes:
  • Evaluation du cv
  • Lettre de motivation
  • Références
  • Test et/ou langue entrevue
  • Entrevue motivationnelle
Conditions d'admission:
  • Bac+3
  • Qualification équivalente
  • Etudiants
Contribution aux sélections: OUI
Le nombre maximum d'étudiants admis: 30
Coût du Master: 20000 Exonérés de la TVA
  • Tutorat
  • Laboratoire
  • Accès WiFi
  • Accessibilité handicapée
  • Cantine/Chèques-repas
  • Activités sportives
  • Activités culturelles

  • Offre d'emploi
  • Livre et/ou la base de données des diplômés
  • Les ressources multimédia: Liens / e-books
  • Outil d'évaluation (points forts, points faibles, l'attitude, etc)
  • Envoi de CV
  • Opportunités internationales
  • Entreprises présentations
  • Careerday
  • Careerday par zone (finance, RH, etc)
  • Soutien à la rédaction de CV
  • Identifier les sociétés de stage
  • Des séminaires d'orientation
  • La formation en entreprise
  • Tecniques de chasse de l'emploi
  • Préparation à l'entrevue
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