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Master programs and postgraduate courses in social sciences cover all specialization courses for graduates and young professionals in the field of training, education, sociology. Many boys and girls decided, after bachelor's or master's degree, to perfect their preparation for a career related to issues of social integration, cooperation, preservation of diversity and their empowerment. Usually these are men and women who have an education in the humanities, often psychologists, counselors and social workers who want to focus their profession on a specific theme such as family mediation, educating for citizenship, pedagogy. Follow a master's degree in social sciences graduates ensure the acquisition of skills related to the understanding of social issues and methods and models to solve them passing through education, training, integration. The phase of practical exercise to bring the student to patients becomes crucial in these paths and postgraduate programs.

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The Graduate Diploma and Master's Degree in Advanced European Studies (DASE) is an excellent, multilingual, interdisciplinary education on the institutions, law, economics and major policies of the European Union.

Fondazione Collegio Europeo di Parma
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The International Master in Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility is the 12-month programme that aims to provide students with the skills to contribute to the goal of sustainable development and to successfully face the challenges related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management
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  • De partir  Milan - Italia  - 1/10/2024

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