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By attending a MSc or Master of Science, graduates, boys and girls with bachelor's degree, obtain an advanced knowledge in scientific and mathematical themes. Career opportunities post master for men and woman can affect both roles in companies, laboratories, research centers and healthcare institutions.

Master programs and postgraduate courses in insurance are aimed at graduates and young professionals, boys and girls interested in a career path from insurer by insurance companies and banks, as a broker or intermediary, whose task is to mediate between the insurance companies and their customers through a preliminary analysis of the risk to be insured to search coverage and the best solutions on the market.

The frequency of a full time master program provides for students, graduates and young professionals to follow the lessons with full-time commitment for the duration of the course and program that lasts the whole day. Usually these courses are attended by men and women who have just graduated, with bachelor's or master's degree

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MSc in Financial Mathematics provides knowledge and skills in two major areas - financial engineering and insurance mathematics.

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University of Tartu
  • Tiempo completo
  • 1 Años
  • 3200 
  • De partir  Tartu - Estonia  - 16/3/2020

The International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation is the programme developed to provide all the skills and competencies needed to face the Fintech revolution.

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MIP Politecnico di Milano
  • Tiempo completo
  • 16500 
  • De partir  Milan - Italia  - 30/6/2020

MIRM: transform your career prospects in just one year! Some of the most important insurance groups train, select and support participants.

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MIB School of Management
  • Tiempo completo
  • 12 Meses
  • Financiado
  • De partir  Trieste - Italia  - 18/9/2020
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