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By attending a MSc or Master of Science, graduates, boys and girls with bachelor's degree, obtain an advanced knowledge in scientific and mathematical themes. Career opportunities post master for men and woman can affect both roles in companies, laboratories, research centers and healthcare institutions.

Part time is the frequency of master programs and postgraduate courses aimed at students, graduates and young professionals who want to improve their education without giving up work thanks to the lessons of half-day or part time courses with a vertical structure, with teaching in a few days a month, usually on weekends.

    Hotel Design Solutions

    The course was designed to investigate the new dynamics that influence consumer choice and how the design of internal and external areas (e.g. wellness or "private spa" areas) can determine the success of a facility, both in the case of restyling and new constructions.

  • Typologie: MSc

  • Area: Umweltressourcen

  • Kategorie: Nachhaltigkeit

  • Frequenz: Teilzeit

// GEFUNDEN 1 MASTER [in 2 Standorte / Editions]


This intensive course is fully accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute and will equip you with the knowledge and skills required for professional practice in town and country planning. It has been designed in response to the national shortage of professional planners.

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Anglia Ruskin University
  • Teilzeit
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  • Essex - Vereinigtes Königreich
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