Top- MEng - Master of Engineering


MEng stands for Master of Engineering and is a master's degree of universities interesting for graduates with bachelor's degree and ambitions to become either an engineer or a professional in a technical area. This course of study provides graduates with a general knowledge of engineering and is usually a specialized course "taught" that includes lectures, exams and a dissertation based on independent research. The course typically lasts from one up to two years full-time. The diploma may be awarded by boys and girls after passing an examination. Graduates, women and men can decide to attend one of these master's degrees by public or private universities in order to acquire skills and and practical knowledge about how to invent, design, build, maintain and improve etiher structures, machines, devices and systems, materials, processes.

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Get ready in a few months, wherever you live, do an online specialized translation internship, sign up for the professional register of interpreters and translators and get free visibility on the web. Contact the school to find out about the concessions in progress.

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