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Master programs and courses in energy have turned to graduates with bachelor's or master's degree and young professionals and deal with renewable sources, energy saving, policies and regulations relating to the management of environmental resources and climatic conditions. Boys and girls with often a technical, scientific or engineering preparation  and a passion for environment, ecology, future of the planet and of exploitation of resources. These students will become men and women with successful careers related to environmental sustainability, alternative sources such as wind, hydro, solar, geothermal energy.

Career opportunities
In addition to the profession of consultants of the energy and environmental sector, graduates of these master programs in energy may find employment in companies that put energy saving among the priorities of the production process. The alternative is an open competition in the public institutions for roles dealing with energy and environment.

  • Area: Umweltressourcen

  • Kategorie: Energie

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The International Master in Environmental Sustainability and Circular Economy is a 12-month programme that aims to provide students with the necessary skills for a managerial career in the field of sustainability, with a special focus on topics related to Energy Management and Circular Economy.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management
  • Vollzeit
  • 12
  • 20000 â‚¬
  • Abflug  Milan - Italien  - 01.10.2024

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