Pre-Master/MBA - Pre-master and Pre-mba program - HumanitiesBlended, Start: 1° semester


Pre-Master/MBA courses are intensive programs for graduates with bachelor's or master's degree who need to bridge gaps on specific topics essential for the postgraduate course they are going to start soon, or for young professionals, boys and girls, searching for a career growth and interested in becoming men and women of success.

The bachelor or master's degree in humanitic area first, then a master program always in the humanities: this is the ideal path for graduated  boys and girls who want to specialize in the historical, philosophical, literary area and want to become men and women of success with a career as a teachers, academics, experts.

Master programs and postgraduate courses in blended or mixed formula for graduates with bachelor's degree or master's degree provide part of the educational program with classroom lessons and insights through study programs in distance learning, that is connecting directly from home with pc.

The first semester includes the first and second quarter of the year and master programs and postgraduate courses that begin in this period have generally start in January or February. These are paths for graduates and young professionals, men and women with bachelor's or master's degree

    University of Westminster - WBS - Westminster Business School

    MA International Business and Management

    Easier communication, more efficient international transportation, the relocation of production and services, and a significant increase in economic migration have made the study of international business and management increasingly relevant.

  • Typology: Pre-Master/MBA

  • Area: Humanities

  • Attendance: Blended

  • Start: 1° semester

// FOUND 1 MASTER [in 1 Locations / Editions]


The Master "Digital Strategies Management for Cultural Heritage" offers managerial education to graduates and young professionals in the fields of Humanities, Art History, Classical Studies and Architecture. The course aims at building the professional profile of the cultural manager.

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John Cabot University
  • Blended
  • 9 Months
  • YES 5  [10]
  • 10000 
  • Departing  Rome - Italy  - Feb 10, 2020

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