London Metropolitan University - PHD - Doctor of Philosophy


PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate degree awarded by universities that usually lasts from three up to five years. Graduates with a Doctorate of philosophy 's degree are automatically awarded the academic title of doctor. PHD programs can focus on philosophy but also theology, law, medicine and liberal arts as well. Boys and girls interested in a career as teacher or lecturer tipically decide to start these paths since professors are increasingly being required to have a PhD.

University of Northampton

MSc Public Health

This course has been designed to provide an integrated, coherent and multidisciplinary approach to public health activity.

  • School: London Metropolitan University

  • Typology: PHD

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Advance your proficiency in research, methodology and analytical skills in order to maximise your performance and decision making abilities in your chosen area.

London Metropolitan University
  • Part time
  • 5 Years
  • YES
  • Not declared
  • Departing  London - United Kingdom  - Jan 8, 2024
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