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The Specializing Master in Transportation & Automobile Design is a Master in Car Design of the Politecnico di Milano and it is a pathway to excellence for those who seek scientifically rigorous training to meet the professional challenges that automakers’ design departments are offering in this era of far-reaching change and radical innovation in the industry.Reliance on facilities at the Design Department at the Politecnico di Milano, such as its prototype workshop and its virtual prototyping workshop, enrich the learning experience by assuring the availability of equipment up to the task of the Specializing Master.The Specializing Master is designed to train a figure of designer who is able to develop own creativity, integrating it in an innovative way with the academic knowledge of the training scenarios, and at the same time to experience the entire development process of typical style of the world of the automotive industry.

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The goal of this Specializing Master is to train a professional designer to develop her or his own creativity, while innovatively integrating it with the academic knowledge specific to the syllabus. At the same time, the student is expected to experience the whole style-development process typical of the automobile industry. This Specializing Master is designed to enable graduates in industrial design, engineering or architecture who are interested in a career in automobile design to bring rigorous focus to their curriculum.


This Specializing Master produces an innovative professional with advanced skills related to the main tasks involved in creating an automobile’s style. Its goal is to give students the chance to enter the production stream for auto-industry design. This is not limited to traditional roles or companies but encompasses a network of enterprises that interact and collaborate with corporate design departments on co-design projects. Acquired skills include teamwork and conflict management.


Professional outcomes:

  • EXTERIOR DESIGNER – Designer involved in the exterior design process, for new products as well as face-lifts and derivatives. They also work on the exterior details, such as wheels and lights.
  • INTERIOR DESIGNER – Designer involved in the design of the interior of the vehicles. They may be involved in the design of the whole living experience, or focus on the many components of a car interior, such as the cockpit and the seats.
  • COLOR & TRIM DESIGNER – Designer involved in the voice of materials, colors and finishing. They may work together with suppliers to develop new materials, to research colors, new technologies and new trends.
  • VISUAL DESIGNER/MULTIMEDIA DESIGNER – Designer who creates visual contents. They create graphics, digital rendering and videos and they may be involved in virtual reality content creation.
  • SURFACE DESIGNER – Designer working together with the design team to create 3D digital models.
  • UX DESIGNER – Designer involved in the definition of the user experience on board of vehicles. They focus especially on the infotainment systems and the issues connected to human interface interaction.

The Transportation & Automobile Design Specializing Master aims to train designers capable of developing their creativity, integrated with academic lecture cycles, by experiencing the entire design process typical of style centers in the car design world, from the definition of the exterior design to the development of the interior, the study and choice of materials and colors, and from physical modeling with clay to digital modeling.

The Course is made up of lessons, project seminars, workshops, and a final Master thesis and it consists of 17 learning modules, selected so as to provide a mix that will assure the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to developing transportation-design projects with full awareness of the context.

Didactic Modules

  • Car Design Studio
  • Exterior Car Design
  • Interior Car Design
  • Transportation Design Workshops
  • Alias modelling for Car Design
  • Multimedia Tools for Car Design
  • Adobe Tools
  • Vehicles Architecture
  • Car Design Culture
  • Presentation Techniques for Car Design
  • Colour & Trim
  • Experience Interaction Design for Vehicles
  • Ergonomics
  • Portfolio Empowerment
  • Creative Group Empowerment
  • IP law in Automotive Design
  • Project Enhancement Studio or Internship

At the end of the training course, students will have the opportunity to carry out a Project Enhancement Studio, under the guidance of the course lecturers, which will enable them to further refine the skills required to enter the world of work. Alternatively, they will carry out an Internship at design studios and companies in the automotive sector.

Title and acknowledgements At the end of the Course, a certificate of attendance will be issued by S.c.r.l.

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  • International class
  • International faculty
  • Lessons in foreign language 0%
  • International traineeship
  • Traineeship at international companies
  • Attendance of the master abroad
Criteria for assessing applications:
  • CV Screening
  • Motivation letter
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Motivational interview

The enrollment at the Specializing Master in Transportation & Automobile Design requires a University Diploma, a Bachelor of Science degree, or a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering, or an equivalent qualification. Anyhow, the Master board has the right to consider the enrollment of candidates holding the above mentioned titles in other disciplines. For those who graduated not in Italy, equivalent study titles will be considered if recognized in the respective course of studies.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
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Cost of the master: Not declared
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