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The Specializing Master will provide the cognitive tools to understand the value of design and transform it into business.The goal is in fact to know how to orchestrate the multiple activities for the realisation of the common goal of growth and development through Brand Extension.The Master also gives the tools to allow a creative mind to realize its successful Start Up.

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Brand Extension consists in using an already established brand to launch new products belonging to other categories or similar products with different characteristics to do business in more sectors.

The Specializing Master examines the strategic and creative processes that must be addressed in a Brand Extension project.

The Specializing Master is orchestrated with a twofold training objective:
-give those with a design-related background the strategic skills to address Brand Extension projects;
-to give to those who have a marketing background, the tools to understand and develop the value of design and transform it into business.

The Specializing Master also analyzes how the role of a creative or a designer has evolved profoundly in recent years both within companies of varying complexity, as well as within professional firms. The goal is in fact to know how to orchestrate the multiple activities for the realization of the common goal of growth and development for unique and innovative companies, through Brand Extension in alternative environments and sectors.

The Master also gives the tools to allow a creative mind to realize its successful Start Up.


The Master in Brand Extension: Design & Strategy trains professionals who, with different skills, contribute to the organisation of brand extension and brand management processes.

These are professional figures who integrate multidisciplinary skills (design – strategy – management – communication), today increasingly in demand by companies because they combine creativity and strategy. In fact, training does not follow traditional paths oriented towards a single disciplinary field.

These professionals are able to manage and coordinate brand extension and brand management processes, from the declination of the brand language on the different lines, to the planning and development of products, up to the management of the communication process both to the end consumer and to the trade market.

The employment opportunities can be multiple :

  • Marketing (strategies, etc.)
  • Communication (events, pr, etc.)
  • Design (concept and project)

The Specializing Master also gives the opportunity to play top roles as Brand Director, Chief Marketing Director and Communication Director.

The didactic approach is innovative and interactive, as it deals with the topics in a synergistic and transversal way, and correlates them through a sort of “direction”. The student will have the opportunity to link together different subjects (with companies, opinion leaders, industry experts), putting into practice the different creative and managerial areas with partner companies.

The training topics are crossed between them: Identification of trends and translation into ideas, Creative Process, Design, Production, Service, Value Construction, Merchandising of the offer, Brand Extension, Brand-Protection, Marketing, Strategy, Communication, Distribution.

Traditional lessons are alternated with case discussions, meetings with representatives of the entrepreneurial world, and application work directly with the companies involved:

  • Company Visit: field activities to enhance the acquired skills in the field;
  • Oneday Challenge: brand extension projects commissioned by partner companies;
  • Grand Tour: visits to four major Italian cities to meet companies and their brands;
  • Field Project: simulation game in which to test strategic skills and collaborative spirit.

Modules are:

  • Warm-up
  • Legal for Licensing
  • Brand Extension
  • Grand Tour
  • Sustainability
  • Trend spotter
  • Value Creation
  • New Business
  • Empowerment & Career
  • Business English
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Company Field Project
  • Thesis Preparation
  • Curricular Internship or Professionalizing project

Title and acknowledgements At the end of the Course, a certificate of attendance will be issued by S.c.r.l.

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  • International class
  • International faculty
  • Lessons in foreign language 0%
  • International traineeship
  • Traineeship at international companies
  • Attendance of the master abroad

Candidates with a degree or Master’s degree in design, engineering, architecture, economics and commerce, marketing and communication are admitted.
For the purposes of admission, the profile of candidates not belonging to the above categories may be evaluated by the management.

A suitability interview will be held, also telematic, to assess the candidates’ curriculum and motivation. Applications will be accepted in chronological order.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
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Cost of the master: Not declared
Scholarships available
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  • Laboratories
  • Wifi access
  • Disability services
This mode of contribution supports the emergence and development of a cultural community formed by the Master's students, faculty, visitor professors and supporters of the project in general.This mode involves direct contact with the sponsor through brand presentation,organization of visits to showrooms, factories, workshops, etc. Each edition of the Master will produce professional figures, capable of representing a cultural point of reference and able to spread and support in the world the identity of the sponsor.

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  • Polls about alumni careers
  • CV sending
  • Feedback monitoring
  • International opportunities
  • Identifying companies for traineeship
  • Coaching during company's interviews
  • Traineeship quality monitoring
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