Master of China-Europe Business Studies

For many years, Antwerp Management School has maintained good relations with China and has also organized many activities there, including research. We have several important partnerships in three major east coast cities in China: Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou. In Guangzhou we have partnered up with Lingnan College of the Sun Yat-sen University –the leading school in the south of China – for our executive PhD. AMS has a strong focus on Chinese business relations and can offer students an excellent service in this matter.


Who are we looking for? Degree Nationalities of previous students

If you want to enhance your hands-on management skills and competences, particularly in the Chinese and European market, this unique program is ideal for you. A joint initiative of two leading business schools drives a stimulating curriculum that will guide you to discover your personal strengths and prepare you for a booming career in international business. The curriculum provides you with insights on business and the political economy of China, Europe, and the rest of the world.

As we cannot guarantee a six-month stay in China, due to the pandemic, we are postponing this program to next academic year and in the meanwhile taking the opportunity to renew it. We will launch the redesigned program in September 2022.

Throughout the academic year, several activities will be organized at AMS by the Career Management Services which can inspire and help you in making a good career decision, including job interview trainings, career fairs, networking events, case evenings. Individual and peer coaching is offered to help you explore your talents, interests and needs, relate these to what companies offer in terms of jobs and career opportunities, and prepare yourself for job interviews and assessments.


Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you have profound knowledge of management functions;
  • you have mastered knowledge and skills required in key managerial positions: leadership, people management, and long-term planning;
  • you have strengthened highly relevant business skills, such as entrepreneurship, perseverance, motivation, emotional intelligence, and initiative;
  • you improved your problem solving skills and capacity for teamwork;
  • you are able to examine global issues from a European and Chinese perspective;
  • you learn the Chinese language or French if you are a Chinese student;
  • you learn to work in multicultural teams.

Graduates from this program work in a variety of companies and industries worldwide:

Accenture, Atlas Copco, Bank of East Asia, Caterpillar Inc, Decathlon International, European Chamber of Commerce, HSBC, Hugo Boss, Huawei IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kronos Group, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Swarovski, UNESCO, …

3. International experience

  • You spend the first semester (Sept-Jan) in Antwerp, Belgium, where all of Europe is at your doorstep. The second semester is spent in the vibrant metropolis of Shanghai, China.
  • You will be working with people from all over the world and expand your network internationally.
  • A field trip to Budapest will give you valuable experience and broaden your horizon even more.
  • During the final two months of the program, you work on an in-company project in Europe and/or China.

French and Mandarin business language courses are provided all year to improve your communication skills.

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